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I've started a bad habit :( nd now can't break it!!! Lock Rss

A couple months back I wrote a post about my DD not sleeping at night. Once she is asleep it's ok but getting her to sleep is a pain. We ended up letting her fall asleep in our bed coz that was the only thing that works. Anyway, I'm 7 months pregnant so her sleeping with us was unbearable, I was getting no sleep. So I reverted to letting her play with my phone in her bed. That worked for a little while, she just watched Dora or pepper pig nd would fall asleep within half hr, now, for some reason she won't fall asleep with it nd it's a fight to get the phone off her at night, she will stay up glued to it nd not fall asleep.. I need to stop this nd I know it's my fault for starting but I was just so exhausted and with my humans working away with her (nearly 3) my 17 month old son nd being pregnant I couldn't keep up with the fighting to sleep.

Any suggestions how to break this bad habit!!!!!!!!!
Maybe try something else before bed that's less stimulating. We always sit on my bed and read books with just a lamp on before bedtime. I wait until she starts rubbing her eyes and really sleepy and then put her to bed. Some days she goes down without a fuss and sometimes she'll whinge for a bit but generally she knows it's sleep time. Try doing something like that before bed and once she's in the cot don't give her anything. She'll probably be a bit hard to settle for 2-3 days but most habits in kids can be broken in 3 days!

She is nearly 3 so in a bed. I've tried the book thing but she won't stay in bed once we hav finished the books. I think the most frustrating thing is that she was never like this before. She always went to bed really well. I'm wondering if the change of having another baby is putting her a little out of sorts? It's like se know I'm so tired nd that I'll give in really easy at the moment so she is playing on it???? She was only 18months when her brother was born so was a little yound to realise as much.

As you said though, you can always make a change, it just takes a couple days and I gotta be consistant
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