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A fight to get 2.5 to sleep at night Lock Rss

The last month or so we have had a fight every night to get our DD to go to bed at night.

We haven't changed her routine, her bed is the same, nothing changed that I can think of. We did move house but that was in November so she was doing fine until a month ago. Her bed time used to be 7 but we moved it to 8 as we found she wasn't tired. That worked great but now she fights us crying, get up nd down and finally goes to bed at 10!!!!! Which is too late for her, especially the days she doesn't have her day sleep.

Is this just a stage??? It's driving me crazy. Especially coz I'm so tired by then being pregnant with baby number 3 but obviously can't go to bed till she goes.
its worth a go..............?? Might help???

Go to kmart buy some glow in the dark stickers I have fairies and my LO will stare at them until she falls asleep. They are as cheap as chips so if it doesn't work no problems
How much day sleep are they getting?
Cut the day sleep down, always in bed by 7pm!!
Cut the day sleep to 1-2 hours max, have dinner an bath done by 630
I have similar but with miss 4, we have the little glow butterflies from Kmart that worked for maybe a week, we do books for 30mins then as soon as it's done the tantrum starts and ages up and down from anything from 30muns to 4hrs, really not working with work. We have no day sleep anymore. I sympathise with you!!! How long does this stage last? Any other thoughts?
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