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Moving to big boy bed Rss

My son is going to be about 18/19 mths when we move him into a proper bed as we will need the cot for the new baby.

I was just wanting advice from other mums as to which sort of bed would be our best option? Should we move him into a toddler bed and if so how long do they generally stay in them before they out grow them or are we better off just putting him straight into a full size single bed?

My boy had to move to a big boy bed when he was the same age. We bought a race car bed as it has high enough sides to make sure he didn't fall out. We had no troubles at all. I now have to move my daughter out of the cot(which has been turned in to a toddler bed) and into a big girl butterfly bed for number 3 coming in may.

DS born 24/07/08
DD born 24/03/10
DS due 31/05/13

I have been wondering about this too! My daughter is 24 months with bubs coming early Feb. I think we are going to borrow a second cot from my sister in law and keep my daughter in the cot for now. She still moves around quite a bit at night. Does anyone know if moving her into a single bed will stop this moving around?
Thanks for the feedback ladies. After talking to the hubby I think that we will probably go for a normal sized single bed as well. DS is tall so I don't think we would get too many years out of the toddler bed.
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