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nearly 2 should i stop his morning nap Lock Rss

My son is 2 in December just recently he has started to wake during the night and will not settle back to sleep. He cry's but as soon as i go to see if he is ok he seems fine and wants to get up and play.

I'm wondering if i should take out his morning nap to stop the waking up during the might.

Any advice would be great thanks heaps
Yeah I would stop his morning nap. He could go with the afternoon one. My 20month old has one nap at 12 from 2 - 3 hours.
My dd is almost 17 months and has been having just the one nap from around 12-2ish (its not strict though so if i need to go out i can) most days for a few months now I've noticed the days she has a morning and a late afternoon one she is more restless at night. I'd probably be going with this if you can? Or just an afternoon one at say 2ish? Depends on his tired signs I guess smile
I'd be more tempted to stop the afternoon one, that ones more likely to be giving him the burst of energy before bed time so hes not tired enough to sleep though, if you long term want him having his day sleep in the afternoon you could probably manipulate it after you've got his night sleeps more how you want them. good luck smile
OUR DD went to 1 sleep around 12 months

My DS went to one sleep at around 11 -12 months. Apparently this is early and means he is likely to drop naps altogether pretty early eeek!

Anyway, I found that my DS would simply not go for his afternoon nap. He would just play. I tried to rock him to sleep for fear of him being overtired at bedtime. If I did get him to sleep, I then found he had trouble settling at night so I soon learnt to let him miss his afternoon nap!! If I were you, I would just try to keep your DS up for an extra 30 mins and gradually extend it until he is up until at least 11am. That way he is having a sleep in the middle of the day and won't get too cranky in the afternoon if he doesn't get another sleep. If he wakes early, take him for a walk or drive later in the afternoon and hopefully he will have a short cat nap to see him through until bedtime... until he gets used to the idea of one sleep!
I wouldnt stop any naps, he will drop one when he is ready. In my experience less sleep during the day does not mean more at night. It is probably just a phase or teeth bothering him and if you stick to your routine he should get back to normal soon.
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