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Getting rid of dummy - UPDATED Lock Rss

My DS who is 2 yrs 9 months put his in the rubbish bin and we waved it goodbye when the truck picked it up. He then realised, and screamed the street down. I haven't caved and bought anymore, but he is being a nightmare! Takes 2 hours to get him to sleep now, although I still calmly go in and deal with it then leave again, but today I am at my wits end! He screamed in his room for 1.5 hours, then bought him out onto the couch where he screamed and rolled around (falling off the couch) then finally dropped off to sleep. He was just beside himself with being so tired. He used to use his dummy for sleep, but cried during the night if he woke and couldn't find it. Touch wood he hasn't woken yet, but it's only the 3rd day.

A friend at play group took her DD dummy of her @ 14 mths & after less then a week of crying & carring on she was fine. I thought about getting rid of it earlier as they tend to forget quicker then when they r older.
Sorry gotta go sick kids
We had a similar situation with our son, he took his dummy outside one afternoon although we had the rule that it stayed in his bedroom anyway he dropped it and the dog licked it so I told him it was gone the dog chewed it up he happilly said ok and didnt seem to care, that night he performed and cried and although i felt terribly guilty I wasnt going to back down, he asked for his dummy every night for about 10days and his day sleeps went out the window he had so much trouble settling himself I tried all sorts of other comforting techniques and must admit it was really hard but I couldnt back down. Even though its been about 4mths sometimes he will wake at night and grizzle and groan for what seems no apparent reason but im certain he's thinking about his dummy. We dont have a problem anymore though he goes to sleep fine but it was much harder than I thought as so many people said he would forget about it in a few days. Anyway we made it and he's happy and sleeps so hang in there smile
I feel like such a push over! ds1 is 2.5 still has dummy and bottle (at night water during day). Dummy is way out of control he wants it ALL the time- i believe it almost has gravitational pull!!! I am going to give " its the last one" a crack. I just hope it doesn't take weeks and months (hubby is away alot and sometimes u just feel tired- ykwim) He sleeps wonderfully other wise right thru and drops off beautifully normally- I am very blessed (hence the terror at taking away the dummy!!)
This for me raises another issue. He's Blanket. its goes everywhere- daycare only for naps. but its always in sight, just not always dragged around. When do i have to take that off him?
When does that become unheal;thy (its not bad for teeth or speech or any of the reasons bots and dums are ) Confused:-)

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all the tips are great just don't forget any dentist will tell you that a dummy does not effect the baby's teeth as they are afterall baby teeth not adult teeth.... the garbage bin trick worked with both my kids.. i talked them into throwing them out themselves not taking them away.. lots of praise helps too.. both were around 20 - 22 mths at that time
At 24 months I thought it was time to get rid of my DS's dummy, as he only had it for night sleeps to settle himself, and once he was asleep he never wanted it again! I worked myself up thinking it was going to be hell, but DH and I just explained to him that he was a 'big boy' now (as he had had his 2nd birthday), and that big boys didn't need their dummy anymore. We made more emphasis of spending more time at bedtime reading stories etc. It took him around 30 minutes extra to get to sleep the first night, and then didn't ask for it again. I think we did get it easy, but if you just persist, and focus on something else then they tend to accept it.

Bianca,Tas, Campbell (19/9/2006) & Isabel (12/12/2

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