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Getting rid of dummy - UPDATED Lock Rss

Hi. My DD is almost 21 months and I feel it's time to get rid of the dummy. She only has it for sleeps and she doesn't wake during the night if she spits it out. SHe really only needs it to fall asleep. My DH put her in bed last night without it and she just stood up and cried. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas to get rid of it as painlessly as possible? Or do we just have to deal with crying for a few days or however long? Thank you in advance if anyone replies.

ETA - DD is now 27 months and I finally got rid of it 2 weeks ago. Told her the dummy fairy took it and left her a Dora doll instead. Wasn't as painful as I had imagined it to be, just have a few sleep issues now.
[Edited on 06/06/2009]

I can't figure out why you need to get rid of it! If it isn't creating a problem for her through the night and she isn't addicted to it during the day - where is the problem? I got rid of my son's dummy at six months and he replaced it with his thumb - that's so much worse! He now has his thumb in his mouth when he's tired, stressed, bored, sad, watching tv etc. As your DD gets older and communication gets easier you might be able to reason with her to let it go. Negotiate with her or trade things with her as a substitute for the dummy.
It's mainly my husband who wants to get rid of it. He keeps going on about her getting buck teeth. I didn't really think of it as a problem yet, but he does. Although I might try explaining to him that it will be easier when she's older to reason with!! Thanks.

Hi, when I decided to get rid of my daughters dummy at about 18 months i cut a small amount off the end so it lost its comforting suction and over a week cut off a bit more until she lost interest in it. I found this worked well as she was the one to get rid of it rather than me taking it. Good luck
Thanks for that, sounds like a good idea. Will try it cos I'd kinda given up. I know that is slack

I was chasing some advice on the DUMMY too - DD wakes screaming through the night when she loses it.
A few suggestions to me were - to leave it for the DUMMY fairy and she will leave a gift in exchange, or (too late now probably but) give it Santa for the baby reindeer - unfortunetly my DD is to young to understand either of these concepts.
I was also told by an orthodontist - no teeth problems unless they progress pass 4y/o and are still sucking thumb or dummy - so hubby should feel a little easier - I do like the idea of cutting the end though and might give it a try as I really feel that my little 1 is getting addicted to the dreaded DUMMY! (I blame hubby for this as I was in hospital and he couldn't handle her crying or being sooky so gave her the dummy to keep her quiet - but it's me that has to get up through the night!! and he forgets I work too!)

We did the leave the dummy for santa so he can give them to other babbies. Maybe the fairy or easter bunny could help out.
My son is 3 and he has had no problems going to sleep at night without his dummy. He still repeats that dummys are for babies and he is a big boy. Self praise works well smile
The problem I am finding is his day sleep. Dont know whether that is due to not having his dummy or he just doesnt want to sleep during the day anymore.
I have also heard from people to start off with a set number of dummys and say that when all the dummys are popped then they get thrown away never to come back. My friend then went and popped a dummy every few days till they were all thrown away once the child was asleep...sneeky but it works for kids around 2/3 years old.
Most kids outgrow them, I havent seen any kids at primary school with dummys but thumb sucking is harder to stop being a teacher I have seen a few children suck their thumbs during class.
All the best

Hi there!

My son was using his purely for sleep too, but he started wanting it during the day, which was causing tanties so it went! lol

Around 24 months i put him in a Single bed, (was in Jrn bed) and simply told him that his dummy was in his other bed. He seemed to accept this ok (i think its important you are honest with her and explain what is happening. They take in more than you think, And be CONSISTENT with your story! lol).
I did have to sit with him the first 3 nights to get him to sleep as he wanted that comfort, but now he is really good and only wants the comfort when he is just in one of those sooky moods KWIM lol.

I think definitely tell your daughter something she will recognise, like you gave it to the garbo man, the postie, you lost, or maybe "drop" it in the garden and tell her its yucky now, it has to go in the bin. Does that make sense?
Just be repetitive! If you can get thru the first few nights, you will be fine! Just tell her what is going on!

Good luck with it!!

oh and i forgot to add, since getting rid of the dummy, DS actually will sit and listen to a story now, before only he could "read" it, but now its part of his bedtime routing.

So perhaps try settling her with a story so she is used to laying in bed without the dummy KWIM?

Santa took my DD's dummy (21 months) and left her an elmo instead. She used to only have it for sleeps but then started wanting it all the time and I got sick of it.

For the first few nights I sat in her doorway until she fell asleep. Most nights she was asleep within 10-20minutes. For the past couple of nights though she's been playing and chatting and getting up and down so now we're trying to get her to settle on her own. She's really not happy about that and is throwing some massive tantrums but is falling asleep eventually. Im hoping she'll be settling by herself within the next week or two.

Karen, DS1 31/8/03, DD 12/3/07, DS2 16/12/09

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I need to get tough and just do it. I'm too soft. Think I'll try cutting it and see how we go. I'll keep a spare (where she can't see it) just in case we need to leave it out for a fairy or something.

Hi I like the idea of cutting the dummy as well. DD had a dummy & when she was 2.5yrs old she went with grandparents on hols for a week & came back no dummy & no bottle. How lucky was I. Only prob was we had twins who had dummies & she was fine for about 6mths now any chance she gets she steals them, in the car is the worst & she has started to hide them as well. Cheeky monkey. I would love to get rid of twins but after seeing a friends daughter using a bottle like a dummy (she would suck it all nite) & then when they got rid of that she turned to her thumb so dont want to ween twins until have them of the bottle but i will remember the cut dummy, that sounds great.
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