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Some opinions please?! Rss

OK, SORRY in advance for posting here but Id really like a few different opinions on this. Here goes:

My DD is 22months old and has never been the best sleeper but CC worked well for us when she was in a cot. Shes now in a bed and although she started off well I now have a hard time getting her to sleep in there. She wants me to sit with her but takes up to 40minutes to settle and then will wake constantly. She usually ends up in my bed (with DD2 also) and my DF has to sleep in hers. This just isnt working for us!! My CHN told me to get firm and close her door and put a lock on it (she can open the door otherwise) but I dont feel comfortable with that so I have bought a child security gate. Im wondering a few things:

1) Do you agree with locking them in their room?
2) If yes, would you consider a gate a better option? Im worried shes scared of being on her own and in the dark.
3) Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to keep her in her bed?

I think there may be a little jealousy that DD2 is in our room but we are moving in a few weeks and then she will be in her own room too. The one time we did close DD1's door she got hysterical - more than she ever got crying in her cot!! Im worried!!

Thanks for your help x
i'm not at the stage yet where i need to think about it, but i dont like the idea of locking them in heir room, i think the safety gate is a much better idea.
maybe things will get easier when DD2 goes into her own room.
good luck!

firstly this is such a big phase and its hard work! so good luck!

does she have a night light? if not i would suggest getting one just so she is not in complete darkness

When isak moved into his big bed we spent about a months of continuelsy putting him back in his room and closing the door (not locking just closing) some night he would only come out a few times others it would take an hour

but we persevered and just kept putting him back saying goodnight sweet dreams and now 7 months later he practiacally goes to bed himself.

he has his special teddy and 2 books that he takes with him and he will read these until he falls asleep

it does take time but oh its a magical night when u put them to bed and u dont see them till morning~
firstly if you are not comfortable locking the door dont cos your worries will intensify and your will churn your own guts up and make yourself sick
as for keeping her in her room just keep putting her back without any words and leave don't communicate any more than it is bed time and she needs to sleep

i would never lock my child door, what happens in the case of a fire etc. i would definately try the gate first
Thanks for your replies!!

Yes DD has a night light although its only bright enough to just see in there. Do you think I should set up something a little brighter?

This is certainly the hardest thing Ive had to do so far but I know its got to be done for her sake as well as DF's and mine. Shes a much happier girl after a good sleep!!

prouddadof3: Ive tried putting her back without speaking, is it normal to have to do it alot during the night? I cant say I perservered(sp?), I gave up quickly actually but she would get out as soon as I put her back. She's a screamer and basically keeps the whole house up which is why I became so lazy at night.

The funny thing is she will go in her room easily during the day and have a good nap. hmmm.... thanks again!!
OMG youre having the same issue as us! read back thru my post history I have posted this a few times including again yesterday LOL

ok so yes Noah was a BRILLIANT sleeper and self settler in his cot. This is now his 4th week in his bed we have had to really get tough and hes constantly getting out when we walk out. This can go on for hours. He can also open his door so we put a gate up which he hates of course but only because he no longer has the freedom to get out of bed every 30 seconds! I had considered putting a lock on his door too but going to persist with the gate for now.

I dont disagree with locking them in their room at naptimes/bedtimes as NOah knows the deal with bedtime etc he understands why he is in their. Having said that, the last 2 weeks we have been holding his door shut while he gets out of bed, tries the handle half dozen times then has a tanty and goes back to bed. Yesterday that tanty went on for 20 mins so out of desperation I put him back into bed and left the door open and for some reason he was ok with that.

Last night he got up at 3:30 I put him back twice with the door shut same deal but when we left the door open he stayed put. So Im wondering if his issue is with the door being shut as well...

I know what youre going thru anyway yesterday I was actually crying lol but I think we might be making progress since yesterday even.

Another tip I got yesterday which I am thinking of trying if we keep having problems is when he continues to get out of bed, putting him back into his cot which is in our spare room so he knows its one or the other and thats it. Or portacot if you have one?? Although Noah climbs out of his but his cot is higher so we will see what happens next.

Good luck hon x

Hi Stace smile]

You know J is still in her cot. Just wanted to let you know that i have been having trouble getting J to sleep day and night thank god she is still in her cot!! Have you thought about putting her back in the cot for a few mths esp since you are moving and put S in the porta cot. If you are having trouble with C in the big bed now it might get worse when you move being an unfamiliar place and all.
Hi noahsmummeee : Although its not a good time right now, Im sort of glad someone is going through the exact same thing as me! I will check out your post history for sure. The one time I stood outside DD's room and held her door shut she stood screaming on the other side but wouldnt hop back into bed. She then would stop every now and then and say 'mum?' which absolutely broke my heart. Has your DS ever fallen asleep on the floor? Im worried about what I should do with her if she does... Im sure she would wake if I tried to move her. Good luck with it all!!

Hi Tammy!! Id considered putting C back in her cot but Im worried that its too much of a backwards step. PLUS the one time I was totally over it all and did put her in there she hated it. Although the cot is free its still in C's room so S is sleeping in the portacot in my room at the moment.

I had considered waiting to do all this when we were settled in our new place but I honestly cant handle another 4 weeks of this. I also really want some cuddle time with DF and the only time we have for that these days would be a night time. I figure that the move may unsettle her but hopefully it wont be as hard to settle her back if we have already made some progress here! Im hoping anyways...
Stacey so funny you say that!! Last night was the FIRST night he ever fell asleep on the floor LOL BEHIND THE DOOR

I opened the door into his head by accident poor baby but luckily I had a feeling he hadnt made it back to his bed and opened it carefully. DH had to slide thru the TINY gap to get to him and move him back to bed (while I took a couple happy snaps hehe)

I leave it about half hour after hes gone quiet so I know hes gone into a deep sleep then I go in and check him.

Noah also stands there for ages crying screaming foot stamping last week he only did it for about 5 mins each time, yesterday it was 20 mins and I ended up sitting there with him as I had a house to clean and dinner to organise and really needed him to get to sleep.

But I dont want to do anymore and ruin his good habits of self settling.

Must admit though if he called out to me by name which he hasnt yet, I would find that too hard to resist!

Hope it gets better for you soon x

We are in exactly the same position and I must admit that I am very quickly running out of patience- and becomming very overtired! I am 32 weeks pregnant and wanting this to be sorted before the bub comes along. She was an amazing sleeper in her cot and I thiught this would continue (sadly mistaken)

I have tried sitting with her, for up to 1 1/2 hours and if she sees me leave, then she has this mournful and guilt ridden mummy mummy mummy until I sit down with her again!

I have statrd to just say goodnight, time for sleep and levae to her door and shhh shhh her until I can her a change in her breathing and hope that she is nearly asleep- I try to leave before she is fully asleep. However last night I spent from 2:15-3:45 am trying to get her to go back to sleep. She wakes, I take her to her bed without talking (she walks very willingly), put her in bed, say her goodnight, time for sleep, but it just didn't seem to work last night. Needless to say I am very tired and crabby today!

We have been doing this now for 3 weeks and I rally do hope it comes to an end soon.

Good luck. If anyone has advice that worked for them I would love to hear it. I will try anything!

Hi Stacey and other mums and dads having exactly the same problem. Our DS just turned 2 has been in a bed for months now and was fantastic at going to bed, settling down and drifting off to sleep. Now - little monster has emerged from him and he now longer wants to stay in his room, let alone his bed. We have started the holding the handle on his door and at the moment it does seem to keep him in - but the crying and screaming for mummy doesn't stop!

He has fallen asleep on the floor, behind his door, in his doorway and will stay asleep when I pick him up and put him to bed. He is a great sleeper through the night - fingers crossed it's just the settling into bed that drives me and hubby insane!! Not too sure how long this will last - hopefully not too long!

It's good to hear from others with different opinions and strategies for helping a child to settle. He has a night light that plays soothing music and we bought a cd player which plays music that is supposed to soothe as well. So any other thoughts, opinions or wonderful solutions to this problem would be greatly appreciated!!
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