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Sleeping on floor Rss

Hi all,

I am in the midst of getting my DD to sleep in her bed, and have discovered that when she stops screaming and actually goes to sleep, in is because she has collasped behind her door, and wakes up again when I put her in her bed. Does anyine have any ideas of keeping her in her bed? We have a great routine, bath, quiet play, 2 stories in her bed and then 'I love you, it's time for sleep' and leave the room.


Like you, our pre-bed routine wasn't the problem, it was trying to get him to stay in his bed and the heartbreaking tears that came with!

We sought information and were told to spend a bit of time with him over a period of around 2 weeks and have him adjust to a self settle routine with our support (without the upset) rather than trying than just saying goodnight, leaving and expecting him to conform.

The first 2 nights, I stayed with my hand on his back until he was settled, then sat close to the bed and only responded with "shhh" if he called out to me. The following few nights I kissed him goodnight and sat a little further away from the bed and left when he was well settled, but before he was asleep. If he called out, I ignored it, only returning if I could hear he was moving about in the bed. Continue with this until evenutally you stay only a minute or two after they're first into bed.

The only difference was the day sleep - I would stand at the foot of the bed so he'd know I was there, but where he couldn't make eye contact - once you make that mistake, they've got you!

Good luck!
my DD did that for a while. i never put her back in bed ans it was more in the early hours of the morning. I had a latch on the door to stop her getting out of the room (it kept the door a couple of inches open.
She has grown out of it now and stays in bed (except for bad dreams and when she wakes up in the morning).
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