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Toddler Unsettled Sleeping, Don't know what else to do! Rss


I am new to this site, so please forgive me if i am bit slow at it smile.

I have a 20 month old daughter whom everyone beleives is a complete angel, but behind closed doors she is compleatly different.

My daughter has always been a perfect sleeper, besides teething periods. but the past few weeks have been hell!

we moved her into a big bed from her cot on boxing day '07' as she is very tall and had not much room left in her cot.

she slept well and rarley would get out of bed. lately over the past few weeks all she does is get out of her bed and get in with us and scream all hours.

we thought she may have been scared of the dark and put in a night light, but it made no difference. she would go down between 7-9pm and sleep until midnight or so and wake up screaming, id have to lay with her and settle her and try and sneak out. once i get comfy in bed she starts again (its like she knows!). she would then frequently walk into out room and jump into our bed, sometimes she would sleep other times she would move hours on end.

the other night i said to my partner enough is enough!, she does it all the time and we both can't sleep. to make matters worse, i am due with bub no.2 any day now!.

We have tried everything with her, bonjella for teething, panadol, and a bottle of milk to try and settle her which no longer works!

as of yesterday we put her cot back in her room to try and keep her in her room and understand that shes not aloud to get out. last night was hell!. she took forever to get to sleep and when she woke up around 1am she would stop screaming, she was hysterical, i went in and gave her her dummy which she threw accross the room then tucked her in and walked out, constantly screaming i tried to ignore her. then everything when quiet, then bang!, she put her pillow to the side of the cot and fell out, ran straight into our room.

i was furious, i am at wits ends! i am so exhausted i put her in with us yet for another night. i cant get comfortable to sleep let alone this "phase".

she is asleep now in her cot (she fell asleep in our bed) with a thinner mattress so hopefully she wont climb out.....

I dont know what to do, i am so exhausted as it is and with a new bub any day hopeless!!

can anyone give me any advice...what am i doing wrong....i feel like im going backwards

Please Help


Linda smile
hunny you are not alone my DS is 2 1/2 and i am having the same problem only mine goes all day.i put him in to a bed in august 07 and everything was going great then i fell pregnant and it started waking in the night and hoping in to our bed screaming all the time i have had bugger all sleep since 2nd trimester,2 yr olds are such bed hogs. he is also having problems being separated from me in the day. A friend of mine pointed out that the smell of the body changing could be the problem he was only breast feed for 8 weeks but its apparently something they don't forget.the other thing is that they can sense the change in our bodys they know something is happening but not sure what and its scary.You could try leaving a shirt of yours that u have had on in her bed that might tell u if its the comfort smell she is needing,i had to do that with my DD when i was pregnant with DS.i put a radio in DS room it worked for a bit not sure if this information helps but just wanted u to know ur not the only one.and its harder to think straight when pregnant and sleep deprived. sorry i could not be more help good luck
[Edited on 26/05/2008]
I am due next week too so I really feel for you - you must be exhausted poor thing!

If your DD loves baby dolls, maybe when you put your DD to bed at night make a big deal of tucking in a baby with her to say she will sleep with her for cuddles. Might be enough to comfort her if she wakes up? All I can suggest from experience with my DD is that when I get upset/raise my voice/show emotion it makes her worse. As hard as it is, try putting her straight back to bed showing no emotion, just saying 'time for bed, goodnight'. We went through a stage where I had to do this maybe 20times in a row (exhausting!) but eventually DD realised that she got no emotion from me (apparently its quite fun to get a reaction) and gave up. This took maybe a few days to a week of hell but we got there in the end - and now she rarely wakes at all and if she does she is back to sleep within 2 mins.

Best of luck anyway, you are doing a great job when you must be so tired!

Mum to Kayla born 15.03.06 & Maya born 14.06.08

it must be the age as we are in the same situation and in all honesty it is driving me crazy, and the darling angel that I used to have at bedtime has her halo down around her ankles!

Next week (when DH is away, as he works 80-90 hours a week) I am ging to start controlled crying/comforting with her- time fro toigh mummy love. I did this when she was about 10months old and has been the perfect sleeper ever since. It is the only thing that I can think of...

I can't get Bella to sleep in her cot anymore as it is now 'bubby's bed' and she is a big girl. She takes about 1 hour to go to sleep, and will wake after 1 hour during the day and about 2-4 times during the night!

I never thought that putting her in a single bed would result in my DH and I being delusional with lack of sleep and Bella carrying on so much- she used to put herself to bed in her cot...what happened.

Good luck. I hope everything is sorted out before bub comes along.

Let us know how you go and what ended up working for you.


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