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Those with toilet trained lads Rss

Our little guy when he first started potty training would sit down, but now that he is almost five my DH taught him to pee standing up. We put a little sticker on the bowl to help his aim smile

Little master sits down but if he pees on the grass, he knows how to aim.
Hubby says when he older he will be able to do both.

Sits on the toilet to wee but stands to bush wee.....

My ds was encouraged to sit down to pee until the age of 4 (i hated walking in there to see pee sprayed everywhere cos he got distracted. tongue

He is now 6 and stands to pee.
My son has always done it standing up - seemed so much easier for him. When he was younger he used a stool/step thing to stand on so he could reach better. smile
My lad started by sitting on a little potty when he first started - around two and a half. But he wanted to copy his daddy, so soon learned to stand up. Used a stool so he could be high enough. Probably started doing that a couple of months in to training and has never looked back (so around age 2.5). He never really had problems with aim, even back then, he was so proud to be like daddy he wanted to do it right. He's now 4 and can reach no problems without a stool and is now very good at it having done it so long.
One thing about teaching them to stand up BEFORE they master their no.2's, is that you then find it hard to get them to sit at all in order to do a no. 2. So if you haven't managed to train that yet I would encourage still sitting down so that you can master that first before they get to stand up.
Good luck!
DS sits at the moment and stands if he wants to pee anywhere other than the toilet laugh he will stand whn he wants when he is older
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