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3 day TT Lock Rss

Id love you to send the method to me!!

Im sorta training her now with no luck!!

Thanks so much!!
Yes please, just thinking about how I'm going to start gives me a panic attack! lol

Thanks! smile
Can you please send me the info!!!
very interested in this, I have 6 kids, only 1 in nappies and I have never of the 3 day thing!!!
Would love a copy too -
Have started this week with dd - as would love her trained before next one comes.
Hi not sure if im too late but would love you to e-mail me the 3 day potty training, i am starting tt today but that would be great help seems to work well :)e-mail is thanks
Hiya ...

I would really appriciate the info as well please!

Thankyou heaps
Would like a copy to please..

Thanks and is 15months too young to start? My boy takes his nappy off already!!
I'm so sorry its

Gah baby brains! lol.

thanks so much for sending it again. I'll give it a try and see how i go..

Your a champ x
I woud love the information am close to start with my dd

I would also love to know the method you used. We have been on and off with our two and half year old and only the last 2 days she has got it. My email address is
I am no way near TT yet however is it possible I could have a copy so when it comes time I can refer to it.

My email is :

could you please email it to me aswell. I know dd is a fair way off yet but I would love it for future reference.

Thank-you so much!

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