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Hi There

How has everyone gone with this method? Would love to hear.
Is anyone able to forward to me the methods which are used?
I have been having trouble with my 3.5yr DD. She is dry during the day, with accidents occasionally, but is still in pull ups for night time.
I also have a 20mth DD and a 6wk DD, so any advice on how to make things a wee bit easier for this very busy mum would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Ladies
Hi everyone.
Could i please also get a copy of the program.
Thank you
please vote for my baby girl will do any voting in return
I would also love some information on the 3 day TT. No luck so far. This would be a big help!

Thanks in advance.
I need help. This is my first time tt my DD & I feel that I have not enough knowledge to teach her sad Please, please email me too!!!

Thank You.


I would love some info my email is . My son is 21 Months and says poos and trys to take his nappy off. He loves nappy free time but only wees on the floor. Getting him on to the potty or the toilet and staying there is the hard part.

Thanks Emma
Hi, I would love it if someone could send me info. My 2 and 1/2 year old boy knows when he is doing poo and wee ( I think ), but is only keen on sitting on toilet before bath time and then squeezes as hard as he can till a wee comes out! He always hides when he does a poo, but won't sit on toilet. Not sure wether to encourage him more or leave it for a bit. Any advice? My email is Cheers.
Hi Keeki ... hoping you are still e-mailing out the 3 day TT method ...

if so, can you please e-mail to

Thanks so much!
ANYONE HELP I am looking for any suggestions for my son. I heard there were simple methods. I would love to know your secret. PLEASE email a desperate mother of a 3 year old at Thank you so much in advance. I want to applaud any mother that has more than one child and has potty trained all of them. I am struggling with just one. Please help
Please i would love a copy, many thanks for helping out.
could somebody please email me the 3 day tt? would REALLY MEAN ALOT:)thank you
Keeki could u please email the three day tt asap when u have time thank you sooooooooooo much
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