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help with potty to big toilet training Rss

i have a 3 yr old boy who has been fully potty trained for the last 6 months but refuses to go on the big toilet i have brought a toilet seat and a foot stool but it doesnt interest him.he goes to preschool and still only uses a potty there to.any help or suggestions would be appreciated thank you.
I had the same problem.
I got DS1 to stand up and wee into the toilet as soon as he was tall enough.
When he got used to that, one day when he told me he needed the potty I grabbed the toilet seat and sat him on. He complained and sooked but I sat with him and told him if he did just a little poo he could have a chocolate.
Bribery works!
Had to keep giving him a chocolate for a while then I told him I had run out but he still had to use the toilet.
He is ok now and doesn't ask for his potty anymore.
Sorri I can't help much dd saw us on the toilet all the time and went 'why am i on the floor going toilet? She's only just 2.5yrs and is fully toilet trained day and night and went to the toilet on her own terms.

Don't rush ds he will use big boys toilet when he's ready.

My dd woke me up at 2.30 to go toilet and it took an hour to get her back in bed fun fun fun

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

thanks for the reply jennywit,at the moment im willing to try anything.i have tried bribery with him and he just laughed i even tried hiding the potty on him he just held on and wouldnt go toilet until i eventually got the potty out of hiding.hopefully he will use the toilet soon cause his younger brother will want his potty very soon but i hope if i use the potty with his brother i dont go through all of this trouble again.well i will give some of your tips a go and see how he goes (cross your fingers for me please).well once again thanks very much for your tips and advice much appreciated.p.s.your pics are very cute.
thanks meqsnz for your advice,he does see us going toilet all the time as well i was hoping that would make him want to copy us but that would be the only thing he doesnt want to copy us doing.i was also hoping by going to preschool 2 days a week he would also want to copy his little friends his been going there for 2 months now and still no luck.i wouldnt normally be in any rush to move him to the toilet but his younger brother is nearly ready for the potty but i must admitt i am having second thoughts using the potty on his brother.How long did it take to toilet train your little one?well thanks for your advice and tips.
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