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Calling your GP Lock Rss

Hey everyone,
I have just found out I am pregnant with my first. Just wondering, when calling your local GP do you have to disclose to the receptionist why you want to see the doctor? I live in a smallish community and know the ladies that work there so I really don't want to do that!
Also, any advice is welcome! Predict I am currently 5 weeks and slightly scared of the unknown! smile
No you shouldn't have to say why you are going in, if they ask just say woman issues or something vague like that. The only thing my doctor did was give me a pee test to confirm & gave me a list of local midwife options to choose from. This time round I've just contacted my midwife instead. There's a list on 'find your midwife' website you can search thru if you want to by pass the doctors office
Thanks GwenW, that's good to know! I will have a look and see if there is something like that for where I live smile
You don't have to tell them anything but they will find out soon enough though. I would avoid going there if you don't want them knowing.

You should not have to disclose anything to reception. If they do so happen tk see it on your record, they are bound by confidentiality and would be very unprofessional for them to talk about it.

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if receptionist ask from you to why you want to meet with doctor then its not necessary to disclose with them only say that you come here for your health issues or routinely checkup..

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