My 3 yr old son has always been quite sensitive to noise, unknown social groups etc. He is generally a happy, talkative at home or at relatives houses.
We have taken him outside nearly everyday rain or shine for a walk at the park, playground or beach etc. He loves it..... Until a few days ago when I took him and my 4month old out for a walk. It was quite windy and a scrunched up paper bag that was in the bottom off the stroller blew out, he tried to chase it but it blew up in the air and away. He became quite hysterical crying and yelling 'oh no!!' Then his jumper blew out next to the troller. He continued to get worse and wouldn't walk anymore. He was compleatly overwhelmed. At that stage I decided to call it quit's and get back to the car. I had to wake my baby, put him in the front pack (thank god I had it) and put my boy into the stroller, he screamed for the rain cover to be on, obviously to protect him from the wind. Was even very upset when he had to get from the car to the front door.
Sorry, long story but I have taken him out twice afterwards and he has been scared again.
Has anyone else experienced a sudden fear of wind and it blowing things away with their own 2-3 yr old, How did you help them to overcome it and how long did it last? I need to get back outside and have fun with my kids!