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Amber teething necklaces - do they work? Lock Rss

Teething….you know what it's like. Red swollen gums, sleepless nights, diarrhoea. At my wit's end with my poor drooling, red-faced and very distressed bub, I'd tried every teething cure known to mankind.

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I use one on our daughter and I agree with you, it makes an amazing diffiance.
yes they are amazing my daughter has a necklace and a anklet. please dont leave them on your child while they sleep at night, it is a cause of choking. please do not use hyland teething tablets or bonjela as they are both dangerous!!
Just curious why is bonjela dangerous? If it was they wouldn't be allowed to sell it?!!
I have both a necklace and anklet for my DD and they worked a treat with her first two teeth however not so much with the second lot cominig through now. I don't put it on her anymore though as she won't stop trying to put the necklace in her mouth and I am worried about choking. Also she has started at daycare in the last weeks and I am worried about other kids pulling on it and choking. I haven't noticed too much difference in her since not wearing it but like I said with the first lot she was very different if she didn't have it on for a while. So not sure if they work or not.....
Where can I purchase one of these amber necklace/ bracelets? My son is teething and is in constant pain. I would love to try this and hopefully ease his pain. Thanks
My son has a necklace, a friend bought it for him, and he doesnt even notice hes wearing it. I think its worked for him as hes not as grumpy anymore and I dont notice when hes getting new teeth anymore. Hes still a grumpy bossy little bugger lol but not AS much tongue And they look SO cute!
My son has worn a Baltic amber teething necklace since he was a few months old and it has been amazing. I didn't even realise when many of his teeth were coming through! I only had to resort to Panadol when he was 14 months old and that was only because we misplaced his necklace for a couple of weeks at the same time his molars were coming through. At other times I used a homeopathic teething liquid along with the necklace. I have also noticed my son is a lot less irritable when he is wearing it, friends have noticed the same with their kids too!
I had so many people asking me where to buy them, I decided to start selling them and have received amazing feedback on how well they have worked and how drooling has stopped instantly.
I was told that Bonjela can only affect the baby if used with Nurofen, it is fine to use with panadol...
I have had one on my daughter who is now two and she hardly gets sick, and when she does get sick she makes a very quick recovery. She contracted the vomiting bug and got over it within two days where my son got the same bug he had high temp and it lasted for two weeks. they are amazing.
i can't believe the change in my son when we put his necklace on. It is the best thing ever. if he doesn't wear it he is dribbly, grizzly and doesn't sleep.
i used both bonjela and hylands teething tablets on my twins girls and they are fine.
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