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What kind of routine for 15 month old? Rss

Hi all, not sure if this is the right section.
Interested in what kind of (if any) routine you have for you 15ish month old? My boy has one sleep only for 1.5 hours, but he was having his milk then going to bed at 11.30, but now at 1, he still seems to be up and tired and I get him to bed and then he wakes up close to 3 and has his lunch, so clearly this isn't really working any more. He probably needs lunch at 11.30 now - then bed after and then his milk on waking. How does your day pan out? thank for your help.
Hi mvs

My dd will be 15 months on Aug 7 and this is what we do food and sleep-wise (more or less!)

6:30ish wake up
6:45 or 7am Breakfast - weetbix and toast
9:30 or 10 Morning Tea - fruit and a biscuit
12 Lunch - Sandwich (usually avo or tuna), cheese, sultanas, banana or apple
1pm sleep - usually 1.5 hours, sometimes 2
3 or 3:30 Afternoon tea - museli bar and fruit, dried apricots
6pm Dinner - our leftovers usually
6:45 Bath
7:15 Bottle (about 150ml)
7:30ish Bed!

She dropped all of her day milk feeds when she was about 8 months (I was still breastfeeding at the time). We didn't do anything to change it, she just stopped asking and if we offered she would only take a tiny bit and lose interest, so we stopped offering!

I would think if your son is not tired until 1pm to swap his sleep and his lunch around would be a good idea. If you still want to give him some milk, you could either offer it after his sleep, offer it in a cup with his lunch or offer it after his lunch (which might be a good way to wean him off once you decide you're both ready - because he will be full from lunch and not want any milk, without feeling like you're depriving him).

But anyway, thats our day!
My DD is almost 14 months and this is how our day is and has been since around 11 months when she went to one day sleep.
7am - awake and play
7.30 - breakfast (normally a waste of time smile)
9 - morning tea
10.30/11 - early lunch depending how tired she is
11/11.30 - bed with milk
1.30/2 - wake up and play
3 - afternoon tea
4.30 - bath
5 - dinner
6 - bed

My son had a very similar routine. I found an early lunch just helps them get a better rest so they don't wake up too hungry.

Good luck

Hi my DD is 16mths her routine goes:
7am awake/breakfast/play
9.30 morning tea
11.00 lunch
11.45 sleep
2.15 awake/play
3.30 afternoon tea
5/5.30 dinner
6.00 bath
7.00 milk
7.30 bed


Hi my DS is 15 months this is our day:
7.30 breakfast - weetbix & banana
9am Milk 150mls
10-10.30 morning tea; fruit
12.00 lunch (leftovers or sarnie)
12.30pm bed
2pm wake
3pm afternoon tea; crackers/fruit
5.30pm dinner
Bath books and milk (200mls) and bed for 7pm
Our day used to go something like this: and still does actually.
7.30 brekky-weetbix and toast
9.30 they would have a snack and a drink of milk (sippy cup.)
11.00 lunch
12 pm - sleep
2 pm wake
2.30 afternoon tea and some milk
5.00 bath
5.30 dinner
then we read books and they had bottle (cup now) and in bed by 7.30

At 15 months my DS had the following routine.

7-7.30am - wake and milk in straw cup, followed by brekky.
10am - morning tea
11.30am - lunch
12.15pm - sleep for 2-2.5 hours
2.30-3pm - afternoon tea
5pm - dinner
6pm - bath
6.30pm - milk in straw cup
7pm - bed

It has changed slightly now that he is older.

[Edited on 07/08/2009]
this is my 14mo day:

7-8 wake up, play
7:45-8 breakfast weetbix, toast
8-11:30 play- walk and library, swimming, park, depending on day
11:30 nap
1:30 lunch-fruit, yogurt, bread, meat (pretty much all he can get his hands on)
2-5:30 play- park, reading, gardening etc
4 snack- rusk stick, sultanas
5:30 dinner- what ever we have and lots of it.
6:00 potty and bath
6:30-7 bottle then play time with daddy
7 bed and reading til he sleeps around 730

The only problem with this routine is if we are not keeping him distracted and eat in front of him he wants what we have so I have to be careful not to graze or he would too(at least this is good for my diet). We are also trying to stop him thumb sucking so he requires constant distraction which is very draining. am thinking about changing his routine too so that he is having lunch then a nap but it is working quite well, so I dont want to jinx it.
[Edited on 02/09/2009]
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