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  5. What is the best way to clean the carpet when your toddler has thrown up?

What is the best way to clean the carpet when your toddler has thrown up? Lock Rss

Just wondering if other mums had any suggestions of removing vomit off the carpet and keeping that awful smell off for good?
Nappy wipes for the stain...they get everything off! I use them for when my cat has a furball!

As for the smell, mix 1 tablespoon of vinegar with 2 tablespoons of wool mix and a little warm water. It should get rid of the smell. I used this when my puppy did a wee on our bed, and it got the smell out of the matress without a problem.

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

I use Napisan dabbed on the mess after you clean it up. Leave it on for only a couple of minutes then wipe off. Or if that doesn't work use spray and wipe oxyaction, that gets rid of everything.

Mum to Bub

Sorry no suggestions here. After cleaning the stain for it to reappear later and not being able to tolerate dry cleaning the carpets, I nagged and nagged until DH ripped out the carpet and put in floating floors. I know it's not much help, but it was my solution.

Robynne-69 DH-61 DS1-94 DD1-96 DS2-99 DS3&DD2-04

My best friend since becoming a mother...... a product called "Vanilla Fridge Wipe" found in the Supermarket where spray and wipe etc is. It is a great cleaner, for everything including vomit, has a really great smell and is an anti bacterial.

Clean up most of the mess with a damp cloth or a wipe if that is what is handy.
Spray Vanilla Fridge wipe and blot up any wet or remaining mess (may need to do this once or twice depending on size...).

You may wish to put a "Shake and vac" powder on the spot, let dry and vaccum the rest up once it is dry.

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