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my baby is 12 months old and i am vegetarian and have never cooked meat. Too make sure my baby is getting all vitamins etc does anyone know of a baby vegetarian cook book

Kristine Vic.

There is an american cookbook called New Vegetarian Baby by Sharon Yntema and Christine Beard that you may be able to get on amazon or seek books which is pretty good. Otherwise, there are links to vegetarian societies on
that may be able to help. I am a veg but my husband is not so i cook meat for him and DS, but i think it is great you want to raise your bub as a veg. Good luck.

I was raised vege along with my sister and my cousins were raised vegan. We weren't given any special foods to make up for 'meat'. Every one in my family are healthy and my vegan cousins are big men now, tall, muscly and ones even a bit podgy! smile If you think you are having a ballanced diet then feed your 12month old the same things.
My dh eats meat but both my kids started vege untill they were ready by my standards to eat meat. None of my kids have suffered from any illness's and are very healthy. My dd turns 1year this week and eats everything we eat, she still gets more vege meals as I feed her and find it easier than trying to touch meat etc.
I give her curry with enough rice to cool it down, pasta, curried vege sausages, salads and plenty of veg.
Dont stress to much as long as babies are happy and healthy your doing the right thing. smile

Mother of Caleb & Lotti & Jacob

Good Vegan recipe here -
Pasta with Mushrooms and Avocado Sauce!
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