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How to deal with snacking all day. Lock Rss

My DD who's 3 nd DS 2, seem to want to eat all day. It drives me crazy. Nd half the time I just think they do it just for something to do. They ask constantly all day for something to eat or much to my annoyance just ho to the fridge & get it themselves, but then I find it laying on the floor with 2 bites out of it. I'm struggling a little keeping on top of it with a 4 month old who doesn't like to sleep much. Then coz they snack, I find they are then terrible at eating dinner.

We have a lock on our fridge but they have worked out how to open it!!!

So do you have a set routine for your toddlers - eg time for breakfast, morning tea etc. do you let them eat in between those times?
Perhaps a fruit and veg plate in the fridge? So things are cut into 2 bite size pieces.

But yeah my kids are always hungry. It was worse at the age ur kids are. Now the are older the understand meal times better. But at 4 & 6 they still tend to eat 3 small meals and 2 large snacks a day. I like to include filling foods like dairy, nuts, banana in their snacks.

Some one advised me to feed them every time they asked. But I found they just ate and ate. Which I didn't think was healthy either so I stopped.
There are days when the nearly 2 year old seems to want to snack a lot and days where the meal routine works fine. I tend to try and assume she's hungry when she says (unless it's 'bikkie, bikkie, bikkie")and full when she says and find relatively healthy and filling snacks on those snack days. At the moment she wants a huge afternoon snack and barely touches dinner.

Oh and make sure they have lots of fluids. Thirst can often be mistaken for hunger.

My 2.5yr old DS is also constantly nosing around in the fridge but hardly eats a thing, like yours, just nibbles here and there. I think when they're that age they just prefer to snack/graze as they are too 'busy' to sit and eat a proper meal. The food requirements for this age is also different to a baby's or older child's so they do better with frequent snacks than proper meals. As long as the food in your house is healthy then let them go for it, they know what their bodies need.

I do like Mamamum's idea of a fruit & veg plate in the fridge. Maybe prepare it the night before so you don't have to worry about it in the morning, must be hard enough with a baby in the mix! smile
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