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At what age can you feed bub normal yoghurt instead of baby yoghurt? And what is the best one? I'm thinking vaalia or jalna? Not a fan of the sugary ones like ski or yoplait.
I started Joey on Jalna and she loves it, forget what age it was but im sure it was before she was one. Actually come to think of it i bought one packet of baby yoghurt and she didnt like it and went straight to Jalna.
I also skipped 'baby' yoghurt and have my dd jalna at about 9 months old. She loved it. I still give her that, or other non-baby yoghurt, I just make sure it's full fat. I only use baby yogurt when I am out and about as I like the pouch size and convenience.
Rosie Mumma wrote:
"Baby Yoghurt" is a money making scam.

I started DD on Jalna organic natural yoghurt which she had until she was around 2 years old. Then she (and I) both got into the 5am brand organic honey and cinnamon. Soooooooo good.

Oh really? sad gosh here I was thinking I was doing the right thing by my dd giving her the baby stuff- they got me hook, line and sinker! Well jalna it is from now on. Thanks girls smile
If you look at the ingredients and nutritional content in most baby yoghurts etc there's not a huge difference. Think my son was about 9 months when I just started giving him normal stuff
My DD has been having regular yoghurt from about 6 months. Baby yoghurt is a rip-off!!
Gosh I just feel so silly having been buying 'baby' yoghurt all this time!!! What's the easiyo like taste wise?
I have an Easiyo maker but I use the Hansells sachets in it as they taste WAY better. The Easiyo flavours taste fake to me for some reason even though they say it's got no artificial flavours.

The Thick and creamy Strawberry Hansells is so actually tastes like strawberry flavoured whipped cream. The vanilla flavoured one is also yum. The Hansells ones take slightly longer to make than the Easiyo - 10-12 hours but I find their texture to be much better. They are thicker.

I gave homemade yoghurt to my son since he was 6 months old.

I just used to use natural yogurt and add fruit if I wanted it sweeter.

OC1246 wrote:
I just used to use natural yogurt and add fruit if I wanted it sweeter.


+1 ..most 'baby yoghurts' still contain added sugar 'branded as 'natural' or 'cane' sugar. Natural yoghurt, full fat for bubbys with no extra sugar or anything added is the way to go!! Easy to flavour up with fruit if preferred smile
We just make natural easiyo or get the plain Paris creek yogurt.
I'm a massive fan of kefir too... My DD2 loves coconut kefir! It's super easy to make if you can get your hands on some water kefir grains. Packed full of probiotics

I am kitty wink

I feed my kids home made Easiyo yoghurt. You can control how much sugar you put in there, and add fresh fruit purée etc for flavour.

Once the yoghurt has been made, I pour it into reusable food pouches called My Lil Pouch. There's 100ml and 200ml pouches and my boys love it. I don't buy kids yoghurt anymore as it was getting too expensive!

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