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not eating and losing weight Lock Rss

Levi is 22 months old and for the last 6 weeks he is barley eating. he used to be such a good eater he would eat anything you give him, now the only thing he will eat is his breakfast. i weighed him last night and he has gone from 13kgs to 10kgs. im getting so worried. ive taken him to the doctor and she said he will eat when hes hungry, but hes not he wakes up at 9.30pm crying with a rumbling tummy but still wont eat. he used to eat all of his lunch, now he just gives me his plate and goes back into the lounge room and last night i cooked him his favourite dinner and he didnt even touch it sad

anyone have any ideas?
I would go back to the doctors or even a different doctor. That seems like too much weight loss to ignore. Ask for a referral to a pediatrician. Good luck.
I agree with pp that you should go back to the doctors and demand that your ds sees a paediatrician. Was he sick at all before he went off his food? Is he getting any teeth? Does he seem happy during the day?
I don't know what could be causing your ds not to eat but I hope you find a cause soon. I've got a similar problem with 1 of my 6 year old twins. She is getting so skinny and I have to sit with her for her meals and try to coax her to eat just 1 more mouthful which mostly isn't successful. I'm seeing a doctor this week for her and I'm also starting her on some high calorie drinks.
Is your ds still having a toddler formula? I know that when kids are sick and off there food sometimes they are given sustagen meal replacement drinks. I hope you can find out whats up with your little one.
I know exactly what you're talking abt! I also have a 22mth old son who has recently become very fussy with his food. He used to eat most things I would give him but now I struggle with a mouthful for dinner. I'm also very worried as he has lost a lot if weight (you can see his ribs!) so last week I've gone back to mixing toddler formula with his milk. Mum says he's probably unknowingly stressed since the arrival of his little sister (shes now 3mths old). Which I do agree with, as I have much less time to spend with the poor fella... Just keep trying out different foods... By doing this i've discovered that my boy likes certain foods which I didnt know of before. Good luck!
I have just gone through the same thing with DS (22months), I was told if he didnt but weight on I would need to take him to a peditrion, (sp). I in the end replaced his milk with Up and Go breakfast milks. He bagan to put weight on and has began to eat again... Anything is worth a try.

could it be a food allergy? gluten or dairy intolerance making his tummy sore?
sorry double
i would definately try and mix in some sustagen or the like into his milk and that might give his body a kick start. also have some food on hand all day like sultanas or apple pieces so that if he needs to he can graze. then once he is starting to eat again you can put in the proper meals.

hope it all resolves itself.
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