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What do your kids eat for breakfast? Rss

Just curious what other toddlers eat for breakfast, DD eats mostly weet-bix, sometimes toast and lately sometimes oats.
Just wondering what other people give their kids? smile
Well my DD isn't so much a toddler lol nearly a year old but I do give her weetbix and toast on some occasions. But she loves her weetbix lol
My son eats depending on his mood: toast with vegemite most days and a piece of fruit, he likes dry cornflakes, weet-bix with banana, yoghurt with two-fruits or fresh fruit and on the rare occasion that I have it, he likes raisin toast, LOVES pancakes, but they're also a very occasional treat.

Our usuals are mini wheats or cheerios, yoghurt, toast or sometimes scrambled eggs.

Occasionally apple pancakes with icecream and maple syrup, DH made them yesterday and the girls thought it was Christmas smile icecream for breakfast!!
My 4y.o. will have either weetbix, cheerios, rice bubbles, or special K. Often she wants a mixture - all of the above in the one bowl!
My 4yr old has either cornflakes, ricies or wheetbix, usually with a banana, fruit salad or canned peaches on them. Sometimes he'll have toast with peanut butter/jam/honey/vegemite and a cup of milk. In winter he likes porridge. About once a fornight or so we have piklets with maple syrup and/or jam which he loves smile
DS usually has either mini weetbix or cheerios dry but usually has a glass of milk with it. Occasionally raisin toast, an omelette or eggy bread with tomato sauce. And then sometimes the little monkey will get up before all of us and sneak an iceblock or 2 out of the freezer before we hear him.

Petal, NSW, Mini Cooper 10.3.07

DD loves Porriage! will eat the entire bowl plus more most the time.

she usually has warm weetbix with mash bananna or half a bananna & toast (honey,vegimite,peanut butter)

she isnt fussed on pancakes wether they are plain or just with a little butter or maple syrup or lemon she isnt keen at all
Today they all had weetbix. This is what they may have on other days
rice bubbles
corn flakes
It's different every day! She's being fussy at the moment so its usually one of the following:

*Vegemite toast/sandwich
*Raisin toast/bread or muffin
*One or two bananas
*Jalna vanilla yoghurt with Banana Mango Bliss (from the jar) (1-2 small bowls)
*Porridge (if she feels like it, has gone off it lately).

She always has a milk bottle when she gets up around 6.30, then has brekky around 7.30-8.00.

She always has a milk bottle when she gets up around 6.30, then has brekky around 7.30-8.00.

i forgot to add, my daughter also has a milk sippi cup when she wakes up smile
I have a 3.5 yr old and a 14month old.
we usually have something different everyday:

fruit salad
fruit/oat/muesli muffins
pancakes (I don't add sugar, we just use vanilla or they have them with tomato and cheese - that one is good for dinner too!)
drop scones (like a pancake mix but thicker and with a raising agent and oats, sultanas, sunflower seeds - whatever is in the pantry)
popovers (like yorkshire puddings but with honey or jam and cream)
scrambled eggs (with yog, maybe spinach or mushroom and cheese)
scrambled eggs on a wrap with coriander and chorizo sausage
bacon and eggs and salad
poached eggs with hollindase sauce and wilted spinach
butter mushrooms on toast with lemon
avocado on toast with lemon and pepper
baked beans
cheese on toast
banana smoothie including oats and a raw egg
apricot smoothie (half a glass of apricot nectar, half natural yog and a straw)
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