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Terrible Twos Lock Rss

Could someone please tell me, is it common for your toddler to turn feral at 20months old is this to do with two year old molars coming through (my daughter has some coming through) or is this the terrible twos everyone tells you about. If someone can let me know that would be great!


I mean 22 months my daughter is 22 months old not 20 months



With my first two I honestly thought the terrible two's was an urban myth. My third was driving me nuts by 16mths. I was out of my mind. The most vivid memory I have is stirring the saucepan with DS having a sulk paddy right in front of the stove. It's not easy to ignore him when I'm not really tall enough to reach the stove. I suddenly realised the main difference was how I was coping (or not) with his behaviour. Admittedly he is soooo different to the older kids. Now, at 17mths my twins have started trying the paddy thing and are not winning. I MUST BE STRONG. I do what I must and try to stay calm. Find what you need to take the stress out and don't reward bad behaviour with attention. I know it's hard but once I started looking for good behaviour to hug I felt better too.

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