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breakfast ideas?? Lock Rss

hey everyone,

im just wondering what you all give your kids for brekky..
im struggling with healthy ideas for dd, she has her cereal or eggs sometimes both and says shes still hungry! so i need to fill her up more!!!

oh i forgot to say shes 4
[Edited on 04/07/2008]

We alternate with:

- 2 Weetbix with mashed banana & stewed apple & pear and warm milk
- 1 Toasted Sandwich with vegemite & cheese
- Egg (either dry fried, scrambled or boiled) on toast

It fills Judd up - normally he leaves a bit anyways!

avocado on toast
baked beans
yoghurt and fruit
sardines on toast
wholemeal pancakes with banana
wholemeal pancakes with chopped tomato and cheese (grilled)
omelette with mushroom, chopped tomato and cheese

thanks, great ideas.. love the smoothie idea! anyone have any recipes?

my daughter is also 4 and i give her bowl of cornflakes with milk and after that she gets muffin or toast. even if u include a banana before her other foods . some others are porridge with fruit on top, I think keep it simple but got to be healthy so cereal is ideal and fruit.

philippa mum of Charley chicken

Perhaps just offer some fruit after or on the cereal, then toast or egg. Otherwise I would just offer a larger serving of cereal.
[Edited on 05/07/2008]
My standard smoothie is natural organic yoghurt, little bit of milk, fruit of choice, maybe some rolled oats, bit of honey.
Experimenting is always good!
Porridge. Either plain or with fruit. Nice for the winter and fills DS up.
Hi there,

I totally agree with the porridge idea. My DD absolutely loves her porridge in the mornings. I buy the box of 12 satchets with the three different flavours - Honey, Strawberry and Banana. They go down a treat and are great for those colder mornings too. smile]

i wish dd would eat porridge! she refuses to eat it!! grrr

In the morning i always make smoothie)
Try this - Kale Banana Smoothie
2 Kale leaves
1 Banana Ripe banana
1 Apple golden delicious, cored
1 Celery stalk
1 Kiwi
0,5 lime juiced
1,5 cups water
One of my Favourite!)
Really tasty!
I take it from here -
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