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how do i get him to eat veges? Lock Rss

Hi there

my ds is 15mnths and for the past couple of months has been refusing his veges most of the time. He used to be a great little eater, not fussy at all, would eat anything offered to him(always healthy) and the occasional treat. I was wondering have other people gone through the vege refusal stage and does anyone have any recipes with veges that babies actaully like, i feel like ive tried everything. I think he maybe getting over the stage though, he ate chicken and kumara the other night and some cooked carrot last night and potato and kumara with the roast the other night. would love to hear ideas smile
I think its quite normal for babies & toddlers to go through 'stages' when it comes to not only eating but all behaviours.

My two DDs are 2 & 4yrs,they both went through food refusals at some stage, I could only get them to eat was fish fingers & sandwhiches at one stage.

If he can maybe try mini vegi pizza or vegi & chicken rissoles,may shake things up a bit:)

Dont worry to much if everything else seems normal,Im sure it will pass
My ds is sometimes a fussy eater and he won't let me spoon feed him so everything I give him has to be finger food!. I was getting worried that he wasn't getting enough nutrients from fish fingers and chicken nuggets ! so I made up a mash of potato, sweet potato, peas, corn, carrot, cheese, baby rice, egg and a little flour then I made this into fingers and par cooked them in a non stick frypan. I was then able to freeze the fingers and heat them up as I need them and he loves them!. I also made mince fingers with mince, grated carrot, tomato sauce, flour, egg and bread crumbs and pre cooked them also, so now I have easy finger foods which I can use when our family meal is not suitable for him or if I am in a hurry.

lisa : )

Hi Lucy,

My DS1 is 3.5yr and has always been very fussy. If I dish up meat (which he loves) and veges separately like carrots, peas etc he won't eat them and will only eat the meat.

My DS loves mash and gravy from KFC so I now steam potatoes', carrots, peas, broc, cauliflour, sweet potato basically anything i have in the frige at the time and mash it all together so he can't see chunks of orange and green and smother it with gravy and he'll have it.
I dish this mash up on it's own or with chicken fingers or a sausage or steak.

Another thing I do is make a meatloaf (mix mince, egg, bread crumbs, veges (carrots, zucchini, peas etc) into small sizes.
in another bowl add every sauce you have in the cupboard, I tend to use more bbq for that flavor but use soy, tomato, bbq, curry powder, woustishire sp? the list is endless).... add this to the mince.
Roll into the desired shape and lightly coat with bread crumbs to make crispier and oven bake it.....

the good thing about this is you can cut into finger foods or have with mash/and other veges or rice.... and it's got veges in it.....

I think you just need to find what works and really stick to it. The post above about making those finger foods are really good too...

Hey if you think you got a prob....what about me, my DS hasn't eaten a peice of fruit in his life... And it's not through lack of trying. Got any idea's there.

What about you come to my house for Veges and I'll go to yours for Fruit. lol

Good luck.

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

hi JP409C

thanks for the ideas, I might try the meatloaf although ds doesn't like mince!! but he might like it in a meatloaf, no harm in trying right! He does seem to be ALOT better this last week though, tonight he ate chicken, kumara(sweet potato), pumpkin and cauliflower and he ate it all except the cauliflower which he doesn't like but he'll eat it if I put it on the fork with some chicken! About the fruit, ds recently started refusing his night time bottles and I got worried about him not drinking enough milk as he only has one bottle in the morning and only drinks water during the day so I've started making him smoothies before bed instead which he absotloutly LOVES! I just mix a banana, a small tub of yogurt(fruit flavoured usually), milk and usually I have some fruit salad from a can left over in the fridge from brekky(ds has it on his weetbix, you could try that too!) I just blend all these in the blender then put it in Diagos straw cup and he drinks it all up!!

well good luck I hope it works for you let me know!!

and that sounds like a good idea!! haha
sweetestangelisa, thanks for for your idea aswell I might give that one a try Diago is like that too he loves his finger food!!
although this doesnt work with my daughter, my stepson refused to eat his vegies to the point where he would dry reach at the table. so i tried grating up potato, pumpkin and zucchini, mixed in an egg and cooked it up like a hashbrown. he ate it and asked for more. should have seen his face when i told him what was in it. he now eats everything on his plate without arguement and even admits to liking all vegies now. hahahahaha. maybe you could try using cookie cutters to make different shapes with his dinner. might make it a bit more interesting. or sprinkle a bit of shredded cheese over vegies which changes the flavour a bit too.
Do you like cooking? I love very much. Therefore, I recommend you this page. There you can find a wonderful meatloaf recipe.

Try to cook.

1 lb. ground beef
1/2 cup milk
1 large egg beaten
1 cup bread crumbs or bread, soaked in milk
1/2 cup chopped onion
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