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July 05 toddlers!! Lock Rss

How are they all??? Kai is the 16th of july
Kai is doing great, he is about 12kilo, talking a fair bit now loves the word NO and MINE!! loves drawing and painting,
Ane we are going to start toilet traing him in summer YAY

hi there!!
my oldest, Bailey, was born 11th July, and hes doing really good....hes a bit behind in his talking, but hes getting there! He also loves the word no tongue
He is around 10kg now, just figured out how to jump and dances all the time smile
Im trying to get him toilet trained atm, as he's decided he's tired of wearing nappies, takes them off all the time etc, but he's being very stubborn i have the feeling it's gonna take a while tongue
Hi girls smile
Jeb was born on the 18th and is doing great!! He's about 18kg...has been for a while now, and not to far off 1 meter tall. He's talking like a little trooper with well over 400 words now (just in the past month or so he really caught the "talking bug" and double the number he can say) and trying to string them into 3-4 word sentences. He's just moved into big boys bed about 3 weeks ago now with no trouble at all (thank goodness) as he'll have a little brother or sister here in about a week now. I would love to start potty train now as he's really interested and tells me all the time and goes on it without being asked before bath etc(when he's got no nappy on) but I'm afraid it's cutting it a bit fine with new bub almost here so hopefully christmas/new year when we're all into a nice routine we'll have a go then.
Other than that he's just your typical boisterous 2 year old...I think...never had much to do with kids before I had!!

Kel, WA Jebediah 18/7/05, Balendin 10/10/07

Jai was born on the 4th. He is 15kgs & 94cms tall & in size 9 shoes. He talks great. He can talk 4 word sentences or more. He can peddle a bike, can kick, catch & throw balls. He is very active. He has been toilet trained for about 1 month now. He is always trying to 'help'. He is so great with his little brother.
It is so great to hear how other july toddlers are doing

My 3 beautiful boys DS1-05, DS2-.07 & DS3-09

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