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everything at once!- my vent Lock Rss

well master 2 has woken up one morning a few months ago and decided his whole life needed to change, he was no longer a baby but a big boy!

He went from being textbook child, an absolute delight and if possible 'perfect' - to i guess what youd call a normal 2 yr old!

he will NOT under any circumstances sit in his pram, HAS to walk (hoping this changes real soon) and this doesnt work, he wont listen anymore unless you tell him 5 times!, runs away in the shops to do his own thing... yells at me (thank goodness hasnt done the whole tantrum thing yet though), and decided he doesnt need a day sleep anymore... - to go from 2hrs by the clock to nothing is unbarable for me as im very pregnant and doing uni study (well i WAS - now i have to stay up 2hrs later at night to do it)... and he wont go to bed at night time like an angel anymore, he stalls like you wouldnt believe and is up and down like a yoyo.
He also will not eat unless he gets to help make it (which is ok SOMETIMES, but nots all the time) and refuses to drink water.

all this in just a week... im going mad! does it settle down? its far to much change for me to handle all at once when a new baby is just about here! - yes he's prob done all this changing because of the baby =(

well this is my 'vent' i guess you could say! goodluck to all mothers of 2 yr olds! (and 3, since i here thats worse)- we really do take on alot when we decide to be mums dont we! - oh if they could just be newborns forever! sleep-eat-cry-poo-sleep-eat-cry-poo.

Kayden 2, Jace 2weeks

I hear you girl....

Been there , seen it, and going through it again for DS number two.

It will pass, you have to stay strong, dont give in but let them explore their new found independance and when it all gets too much just laugh and then kiss them.

Good luck

POOK mum of 3

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Aren't they treasures and you have described my two in your vent so don't worry you are not alone!

The good news! Personally I have found with Ryan (who is almost 3) that I could be tearing my hair out with him one week and the next few weeks he is an absolute delight. I find with him it is all just stages (well the not sitting in the pram stage has never passed with my two unless the pram is constantly moving - I use a trolley when at the shops). I have just found the key is to be consistent, take a deep breath and tell yourself it is just a stage and to never give in on the important things such as bed times etc (the smaller things I can let slide).

LOL I will pass on mine being newborns again (altho I do hear many say they'd love their kids to be this again smile ) cause even with their often stubborn little toddler personalities I love the personality and character that comes with the toddler stage. I love the full nights sleeps, the no bottles, that they can walk, they can tell me what they want, the conversations we have and the big hugs and hearing 'I love you so much mummy'

Good luck and hopefully your dear little rascal settles down for you a bit soon. You are prob right he prob is picking up on your stress as I know my two are always more trying when I am stressed with deadlines.

All the best also with the birth of your second!

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