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My 18month old weighs only 8 kgs Lock Rss

My little girl's weight is always an issue. She is so bright and loving. She only weighs 8kgs and looks so skinny. Her bones stick out a lot too. Everyone that has come across her has always said something about her weight. It's very upsetting for me and it makes me feels as if I have done something wrong. She is developing beautifully but just not gaining any weight. And it's been like this since she was 8montha old. Now that she has gone taller, she looks so skinny and family and friends keep saying that may be something wrong with her. We have seen doctors and pediatricians and have found nothing. Now I'm off to see a dietician tomorrow. Is anyone else on the same boat or has been? She is my first and I just want to do the best I can for her.
I have a 2 year old that weighs 10.6kg in the 5th percentyle. He was 4 pound when born. I have always been worried about his weight and saw a pead who said he if doesnt put on weight in the next 3 months he will have to start tests.I am worried everyone always comments on how small he is.
My son was 9.7kg at 18 months and then only put on 220g the next 6 months so my maternal nurse was worried but when we weighed him at 27 months he had put on 1kg in 3 months. I think children put on and lose weight really quickly. He was teething quite a bit between 18 months and 2 yrs hence he had more periods of not wanting to eat much.

My son's weight has always been an issue cos he was born in the 97th percentile at 4.2kg and from then on never seemed to put on weight. His 1st year I was so stressed cos we had to weigh him every month and he never put on enough. He is a bit of a beanstalk so grows taller quicker than fatter so never really outgrows clothes they just get too short for him. It took me a while to realise that while he is not a great weight gainer, he is healthy, happy and very active so what does it matter if he does not match what their charts require?

When I tell people his weight at birth they think I am talkin abt another child of mine! I do get annoyed when people comment on what a small boy he is but then I remind myself that it's better than having an overweight child. Both my husband and I are overweight and I have struggled with weight my whole life. My maternal nurse has accepted that he will always be a skinny boy till he discovers KFC!

Our Huggies' Nutritionist has written an interesting article on this topic, which includes some meal and snack suggestions. You'll find it here ... Is My Child Underweight smile
Hi All. Just an update from my appointment at the dietitian this morning. My little one is a very fussy eater and definately under weight but developing very well in everything else. Have been given some guidence on how we can improve. Next step is to see a physio to get her bone development check out. Thanks all with your responses and I hope we can get somewhere soon.
Hi Rayna, may we know an update to your baby now? We experience the same with our 17 month old. She was born last year and our first.
My daughther is 18months now but only 8.3kg~since she is bb, she never drank more than 650ml per day milk. And now eat and drinks very little.( only drinks about 120ml max per day milk). I offer 3 meals a day but usually she ll only take 2 meals a day m.m I get soo stressed because of her weight and height.
Dr just said she needs to eat more(who doesnt know!!!) But dont have much guidiance or tips on how m.m
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