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22mth showing signs of aggression Lock Rss

Our darling son who is 22mths has in the past week began to push other children over and also has a few times got them into a headlock and not let go until intervened. It started at daycare but i have noticed this behaviour throughout the week at several playdates and witnessed it today when he was on a jumping castle.
I'm hoping it is a phase?? Not sure where he has 'learned' this behavious from? We are telling him a firm no followed by separating him from the group in a time out. Any other suggestions or experiences you have i'd love to hear.
Also bedtime is becoming a battle. He was usually in bed by 7pm without a fuss and is now not getting to bed til 9pm some nights with a lot of protest and tears....heartbreaking! Nothing has really changed in his routine to cause this that i can think of so any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks smile
I would say its just a phase. He would be getting frustrated and not knowing how to handle it lashes out. YOu are doing the right thing though, best to keep on it it will eventually stop.

With the bedtime is he still having a day nap? He seems a bit young to be growing out of it but it could be possible he doesnt need as much sleep in the day and will sleep earlier at night. It could also be that he is going to bed too late and is overtired. I would not have believed it either when sending my 2 year at 7 already I thought it was an ideal time but just 15 minutes earlier and it made a huge difference.

Good luck with it all
Toddlers are naturally aggressive creatures. As parents it our job to teach them the correct way to express their feelings. It is just a phase but he will need your help to guide him. Good luck.

What time does he sleep in the day time? Perhaps ask day care to wake him up earlier so he is ready for bed at a time that suits you.

Also do you have a solid bedtime routine in place?
Thanks ladies, i think i just needed reassurance that it was a phase as i was beginning to think this behaviour was only isolated to him! We will continue to teach him correct behaviour and hope this 'phase' is a short one.
In regards to his sleep he is still having a solid 2 hour sleep in the afternoon, sometimes stretching to 3 depending on the morning we've had. Maybe i'll start waking him after an hour and hopefully that will see him ready for bed again by 7. We do have a structured bedtime routine in place, bath followed by cup of milk with a story, then teeth brushed and bed. Up until a few weeks ago he would happily kiss us goodnight and hop into bed with no protest. Hopefully a shorter nap in the day will help. At least once he is asleep he sleeps through the night until 6.30/7 so there's my silver lining for now! Thanks again smile
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