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How do you ensure your toddler gets enough? Lock Rss

I have read that 2 hours is the recommended daily physical activity for a kid. Just wondering how u get your toddler to get enough???
I can't stop him! grin

We have lots of outdoor playtime: climbing frame etc. We also have a trampoline but he hasn't been into that as much recently. Probably about 1.5 hours a day?

Even inside, he's wriggling and rolling and racing around.

In the afternoon, we walk down to the station to meet DH. I push him and his brother in the pram to get there, and on the way home DS1 runs either with myself or Daddy. This way we all get exercise. He is a bundle of energy. He says things like "Running gives you energy, doesn't it Mummy?" And I always smile, gasp for breath and say, yes!

the only time they stop moving is when they go to bed. tongue
I don't think they mean kids have to do a 3km run and pushups or situps and a bike ride smile As long as your toddlers are active outside in the garden, walking with you around the shops. Playing hide n sek ect I'm sure they get enough exercise throughout the day. Just make sure they don't sit on the couch watching TV all day and sit around playing with toys. I wouldn't get to worried at this stage.
It's very unusual to see a toddler not be active at all, I know mine goes mad when he has some open space. But even around home he is constantly moving about and doing stuff. I think at that age they move about so much that it isn't something to be concerned about.

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

I live above a shop, so I don't have an "outside" area where I can take my 2 year old to go be active.

I do though send her to swimming lessons once a week to teach her to swim, and get some exercise and she does go to day care twice a week, which will keep her active that she pretty much crashes out when it's bed time.

The days we are at home though, she is pretty active at messing the place up, colouring in, lego, blocks, etc.

Toddlers have endless amounts of energy, so I wouldn't be overly concerned if you feel you are not getting that "2 hours" in as they reckon they should be having.
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