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March bubs 08 Lock Rss

I have put us in the toddler section as our babies are now toddlers.
Come and join me

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

Hi Megan

I have not been on the March bubs 08 for a long time.

yes our babies are growing up fast. Blake will be 1 in two weeks time.
Blake is crawling everywhere & can pull him self up now. not walking yet.
I am having a hard time with him at night time.
Blake is only having 1 day sleep now.

I hope Alex is all well. Thank you for reading Amanda.

Blake and Alex must have been born around the same time. He is one on the 25th and we are having a party for him on the 28th as i am working the 21st and also have another bbq that day.

Alex is cutting his 1st lower molor atm. It is interesting chasing after two toddlers let me tell you.

We are tidying our house up the moment to put it on the market. Hopefully be able to put it on the market soon. We are going to move to Morrinsville which is a town closer to hubbys job.

We have sent out party invites for bubs birthday, brought a blue plastic tablecloth for the table, some plastic plates and cups, just got to make a cake for the kids playgroup as we have it on a weds which will be his birthday date. Mum is making a cake for his party, we are having a bbq here and a byo everyone to bring a plate and drinks.

Well better go and see what to have for tea as I have my line dancing tonight.

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

Well I have put the kids into Cathrine's room today and hopefully the computer will go into the office/spare room soon.

Dh said we didn't have enough funiture but I think he thought we would put the kids into the single room and him in the double room!

We have cathirne's bed, alex's cot and cathrine's bookshelf, and dresser in their room. In the other room is Alex's dresser, the spare bed, naths bookshelf a chair and the computer soon.

I am looking forward to having my lounge back!

Better go Alex is after some milk

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

Hi all,

I don’t know if everyone has moved over yet so I will post this in both places.

I have been a busy girl today. So far I am on to my 4th load of washing I have vacuumed and mopped the floors, cleaned the oven and done a general tidy. I feel exhausted but at the same time have a burst of energy.

Well I still have not decided what to do for Chloe’s birthday. I can’t believe all the bubs are turning one and some already have. It only seems like yesterday we were posting in the due in section.

Nicki that is great Aidan is toilet trained; Molly is not ready yet, starting to wonder if she will ever be. And wow number three. It is a big decision isn’t it. My MIL has me a little worried at the moment so I don’t know if I even want to try for another. She is convinced I am going to have 4 children (I don’t wan any more than three) and she tells me that she has a strong feeling (she has visions/dreams) that I am going to have identical twin boys. Now generally her feelings don’t come true but I am a little worried that this one might. Not that I would be upset, I just really don’t want any more than three kids. Two does my head in some days.

Cassie and Sharz hasn’t your pregnancy’s flown. Hope you are feeling well.

Sharz that is great Oscar is reaching all his developmental milestones. Hopefully his feet don’t give him too much trouble.

Amanda nice to hear from you again. Hope all is well.

Megz hows the house going?

Oh and Chloe had a bottle of milk before bed today for the first time. She went straight to sleep too so we might be on a winner.

Anyway better go had my rest, time to start more chores.

Catch up soon,

Hi ladies

Have been so busy atm. We have been invited to a bbq on the 15th march ( which I can't go to as I am working ) and a bbq on the 21st which we are going as it is at 5pm then alex's birthday bbq the following week AH busy busy busy! I am meant to be working most weekends and am only taking the 28th - 29th off.

Kelly the house is going slowly we are just getting so busy. I don't know when we are meant to be painting the windows as the weather is so changable atm. Might have to get alot of help. We have an idea now on what we have to try our place for so soon hopefully.

I just about screamed at dh yesterday as we decided to put the kids into one room so he had a room for an office. I put them in the front room, he said he couldn't use the back room, so I put them in the back room so he could have the front room and then he said he will put the computer in our room and the kids can have their own rooms why don't they say this to start with!! It isn't like I haven't anything else to do or anything!

Well I have a heap of washing to try and catch up on but it's raining so who knows when that will get done.

It is really quiet Alex is alseep and Cathrine is doing??????

Better go


Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

Hey ladies!

I havent been on here in ages, i have been so busy (doing what I dont know). I have been catching up with a few friends. My friend that had triplets is going great, they are now 5.5 months (corrected age is 4 months), it still feels like yesterday she had them.

Nicki, i am so glad that you decided to have another baby! Sending pink baby dust your way!!! And aslo pink baby dust to you E&O'smommy!!! Fingers crossed girls xx

You have been a busy bee Megz. Do you just work on weekends? What do you do for work?

Man, I have major preggy brain atm, and am forgetting everyones personals, sorry. Hi to all the other gals! Sharz, Im so jealous that you said you are hardly showing, i look and feel like a big fat whale. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck. Cant wait to never be pregnant again. i know i will miss it (parts of it) but yeah, I have been pregnant for 3 years now, so am over it. Plus (how sad is this), i really have been craving a a wine lately..... i even have a bottle waiting for me for when this BIG boy pops out! (Dr reckons i could be looking at a 10 pounder sad

Anyway, I better go

speak soon


Hey girls

I am so slack, you have all probably forgotten me, I got as far as the post saying we were over here now and decided to give up and start new in the toddler section.

How can we be in the toddler section???? How can our babies be growing up???? I swear I only just had her!! Somehow she turned into this talking (she says so many words its crazy), almost walking, wriggling, little person with 13 teeth, without me having a chance to really see it happening!!

Wow, Cassie, a 10lber, good luck with that, I'm not in anyway jealous, Caleb was 9lb 7 and he tore me apart, but I am sure you will be fine!!

Speaking of Caleb, we had his fourth birthday party today, its his actual birthday tomorrow, I cant believe he is four!!! He is going to school in a year! We have got him a two-wheeler bike with training wheels for his birthday and some other little things, I am so excited, I can't wait for him to see it tomorrow, he is going to be so excited!

Good luck to you two trying for babies, I'm jealous, I want another baby but hubby doesnt, and I cant get pregnant for another year with the medication I am on, I want one now!!! He wont let me have a dog either (I thought it was a fair compromise!!!!)

Anyway, big day tomorrow and I have been a mess lately due to medication problems again, sometimes I wonder why I get out of bed in the morning (infact due to meds withdrawl I could barely get out of bed last week and spent a lot of it in bed) so I am off to sleep now, have put myself on remember me on huggies so hopefully I will post more often!



Yes I am a busy bee. I just work weekends at a resthome/hospital in town. I don't work durning the week as dh works out of town and normally gets home around 6.

You'll be fine with bubs, Alex was 10lb7oz and I wasn't torn and Cathrine was 9lb7oz and again I wasn't torn.

I know our babies are growing up fast. Alex's birthday party is coming along nicely had at a few rsvp's they have until the 14th to rsvp. Mum is making a cake, she is getting the birthday cake book out and might make either a train or a truck or a fire enginge cake. Mum is taking Cathrine from Thurs 26th and bringing her home on the morning of the party so dh and I can get things ready.

Well I had better go do some house work I guess

Laters Megs

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

Hi girls! Finally found you lot ( LOL )!

Well Kaylee is officially 1 today! Im quite emotional over it really , maybe cause its my last bubba , dont really know... Anyways having a rather chilled out day at home , and then a party on the weekend.

So how have you all been anyways? Sorry if i forgot peoples personals , alot of the time i come on here and type stuff and it just never makes it on the page , really pisses me off.

Anyways have a great day , gotta run bday girls wanting me ,

mwah bel xxx

Connor 18.12.04 , Kaylee 11. 03.08

Hi not on here much any more. I hope everyone is well.

Bella Happy 1st birthday to Kaylee. I hope party goes well on weekend.

For the mum's out there that are pregnant I hope all is well.

Blake is going good still playing up at night time.
Natasha is going good at prep school.

Hi everyone,

Oh wow everyone sounds really busy. I'm like you Megs, I just seem to have party after party. I pretty much have a bbq or birthday now til May, and it doesn't stop then.

Oscar is going well, has 2 bottom teeth and cut his 2 top. His crawling and standing and moving around on the furniture, but find out in 2 weeks about his feet but more than likely there will be a operation and back in plaster. He has his paed appointment next week to see how he is going. We have a lot of feeding trouble but should be good for everything else. I'm guessing he would be around the 8kg mark now and about 65cm but will update you what it is exactly (hopefully bigger, but people still think his about 8months old) I wish I could see a baby his age and actually see the size difference, apparently its big. His so cute.

Cassie, when I say I'm not showing....I just look like a big fat whale. Well ok I was that before but definately don't look like I'm pregnant. It SUCKS. I hope your going well though. I had my ultrasound and everything looks perfect which was a huge huge relief, especially after Oscar. We are also having another beautiful boy. 3 boys under 3.....hmmm is going to be fun....I think. Don't worry about the over being pregnant. I'm not over it but this is definately our last, we're both getting done after this. Just not sure if they will let me because I'm only 25 but will push it seeing as I will now have high risk pregnancies. I'll have 3 healthy babies so that is all I want.

A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KAYLEE. Hope she has a fantastic day.

Ok sorry I didn't reply to everyone but I hope everyone is going well and your beautiful babies are going fantastic.
Take care xo

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