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squealing baby- FED UP!!!! AND VERY DESPERATE Rss

Hi All,
My baby is 11months old. shes been walking for sometime so can follow me and also occupy her self a bit more but INSIST on squealling at a pitch which almost breaks glasses! Its not always when she angry or frustrated, sometimes when happy but mostly when neutral.
Its hard going shopping cause when she does it people look at her like shes a walking lepper! It breaks my heart.sad(
Ive tried growling low nos at her (same as for electrical cords so she really knows shes in trouble)
I ve tried stern no's and removing her from the enviroment if possible (pick her up sit her in corner and she comes back 5secs latter)
HELP it has to stop. And nothing works DESPERATE!

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I honestly wouldn't stress... kids will be kids or babies will be babies. My DS is 2 1/2 and I swear to god he squeals louder than a girls sometimes... I just say now "inside voice".... kind of like broken record. He is getting better but I must say it is more age rather and the constant reminders....

Good luck as frustrating as it seems.

GBH!! Sounds like you're having a hard time.

So...she does it in any setting? Hmmmm! That's a tricky one! Have you tried telling her that it hurts your ears? Perhapes that might help?
Perhaps ignore her and only respond to her when she isn't making the squeally noise?
One of my Nephews does this to get attention or what he wants because he's too young to verbalise stuff. It drives me crazy!!
Perhaps look for information on baby sign language to help open up better communication...
My brain can't think of any more...I need more sleep! :smile]
Hope there's something there you can use!
Best of luck...

Squealing babies. Ah yes. I am familiar with this. My youngest will turn 1 on March 1 this year and she just discovered her squealing voice too. It is VERY shrill though it lacks some of the umph that my 1st daughter used to squeal with. If this daughter is anything like my first daughter she will squeal in stages as she experiments with her voice. First girl discovered her screech only two or three times. I count myself lucky since I have had friends who've been LOUD/Shrill squealers and screechers since they were born. This time around I am hopeful that these annoying/embarrasing stages will be short as well (a week or two at the most).

Good luck!

Oh--as for how I deal with it--nothing was effective at lessening the noise until my 1st girl was old enough to learn inside/outside voice. So, this time around I'm just ignoring the noise unless I'm out in public and then I tap my finger on her lips saying "shh. . ." That seems to help her a teeny bit.

Mom of two beautiful little girls

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