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Your Toddler's Growth and Development


Tips for Dealing with an Overall Talkative Child

Being able to join words and forming simple sentences to having a complete conversation, your chi...

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Toddlers and Writing and ready

Hey ladies just curious when your little ones starting reading? writting ? Drawing pictures Tia

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I would say learning writing and reading is one of the basic task which students do in their daily life.I have checked some of the E...


Lactose free formula

HI I was just wanting to know what all you mummies or daddies out there use if using lactose free...

13 replies

Is there a toddler formula that is lactose free? And I'm a bit super fussy but either Aussie made or nz made?


Your 12 month olds stats?

Hey not sure if it goes in this section but just wanting to compare your 12 month olds stas or ev...

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Hey Guys My Son got his check up yesterday (12m 9d) Stats are: 79cm, 11.50kg, 49 head. Going back 30years, Dad was: 78cm, 12.1kg...


Autism Concern - 3yr old son

Hello, I have concerns with my 3yr old son and I was hoping I could get some input and advice fr...

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K&M's Mum

Social Anxiety - is it possible at 3 years? Family history

I am wondering if it possible to have social anxiety at 3 years of age? My husband has been diagn...

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Not sure about 3 years, but it can be difficult problem. A lot of people have anxiety. I normally use hemp oil, especially when i am...


whats the average weight for a toodler

does anyone know a site that has the average weight of your child.. DD is nearly 3 and 15 kilos a...

15 replies

My grandson just turned 1 in november, and he is 14 kg. He is going to be tall like his dad


slow growing hair

Hi, i have a 4 year old little girl and she never had a hair cut!! because she still doesnt need ...

10 replies

Though it's difficult to tell how fast does hair grow, but if there is slow hair growth, there are methods and tips to make yo...


Playgroup Currimundi (Sunshine Coast)

Hi, I’ve recently moved to the Sunshine Coast with my little girl (20 months) & would love ...

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6 year old high pitched squealing

My son has been doing this for a very long while and although it annoys me because he’s done it f...

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When did you let your toddler walk at the shops? Lock

My 14 month old has been walking from 9 months old but everytime we go to the shops he sits In hi...

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hey there, every child is different no doubt, but my almost 3 year old still goes in her pram because she would drive me up the wall...


How Tall is/was your 2yr old??

Hey everyone, Im just wanting to ask everyone how tall is/was their 2year olds?? My DS has just ...

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my Little?? MISS just turned 2 on the 29th of April. Our MHN did a 2yo check on the 2nd of May, measurements: 24months 3days Old - ...


How many words can your 1 year old say?

My eldest son has always been very chatty and could speak quite well by 2 1/2. My younger son has...

7 replies

RE: Francesaleeharvey I've found a great video online that explains it really well.


My 22 Month Old Doesn't Talk

My 22 Month old doesn't say a word ! He has his baby babble, and makes the noise 'ma' and 'da' wh...

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This is obviously not going to help the original poster (being 6 years later and all), but for anyone else who comes across this que...


14 month old 9.2 kgs?

hi, i just got my 14 month old weighed today, he was 9.2 kgs. the child health nurse didnt say an...

11 replies

Hi mums. I have a boy who is 15 months old and his weight is only 8.7kgs. He is my first child so I do not have experience. You comm...


20 month old won’t talk at all!

Hi all I have a beautiful 20 month old daughter she is very active and cheeky. Although she unde...

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2 and half not walking

hi. i have a 2 and half year old girl and she is not walking or talking yet. we have been to pead...

6 replies

I just found your post , it was quite long time ago, I just wondering how is your little doing right now, does she walk yet? My litt...


Need Ideas to get my 14month old talking...

So i keep being told my son should be speaking by now, he says Mum, brum brum (car) and recognise...

6 replies

I had the same situation with my youngest boy. He just pointed to anything without saying a word untill he was 2,5. A speech therapi...


My son not talking yet

Hi all, My son is going on 2 and a half years old and he's still not talking. He seems to be abl...

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Please, don`t worry! My son pointed to anything without saying a word untill he was 2,5. A speech therapist said I need to encourage...

22 Month Old Not Walking - Getting VERY Worried

Hi Ladies, I would really appreciate any advice you guys may have for me about my darling little...

14 replies

Hello I was just wondering how you’re daughter is going? I’m going through the same with my 20mo. She is pulling up and cruising fu...


Restrictions on a 3 year old

I have observed that my son is developing a habit around the things he is explicitly told not to ...

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Movie watching

Hi just curious to find out some feedback in regards to kids watching movies(of course child ones...

3 replies

Download showbox app form here:


How many words does your 16 month old say?

Hi just wondering how many clear 'actual' words can your 16 month old say? My boy can say @40 cle...

11 replies

My daughter is 16months and only says, "Dad", "there" and "ta", however she was walking/running and cl...


Height and weight of your 2 year old :)

I had my almost 2 year old son weighed yesterday and was shocked to see he weighs a wooping 16.2k...

22 replies

My boy is 2 next week and is weighing in at 19 kg and 100cm tall! , he may have grown a bit more in the last couple of months as tha...


6 Augusta 2017

My boy is 2 next week and is weighing in at 19 kg and 100cm tall! He isn't fat he is just r...

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autism and chewing fingers

My son near to be 3 and a half year old may be autistic, he is involved in therapy and working we...

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Worried about my dear son 21 months

Hi mummies, my son is 21 months who doesn't say any word. He bubbles sometimes but not actua...

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Is preschool necessary?

Hi, I just want to get other people's advice/views on preschool. I am lucky enough to be a stay ...

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OC1246 wrote: .....I am confused now....I thought preschool came after kindy? Either way, I don't think any of it is necessary ...

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5 reasons your kids need fewer toys

Kids actually thrive with minimalism. Here are a few arguments for getting rid of some of your ki...

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Huggies Support

How to do "Time Out"

Time-out certainly sounds like a brilliant fix: A child spends a few minutes sitting alone, and e...

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Given up the dummy - Looking for a special gift

Emily has given up her dummy. Her decision, however she has tried to go back on it, but at 3 yea...

8 replies

What about something like this to signify him or her as a big boy / big girl now that they don't need their dummy? https://www....

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5 all time classic toddler books

With so many to choose from, it was hard to just choose just 5, but here are the ones that made o...

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How to predict your child's height

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melissa & alyssa

Dirt eating and how to stop

Hi my 2 year old daughter just wont stop eating dirt. Ive read that she could be lacking somethin...

1 reply

Personally I'd take her to a GP and check for nutritional deficiencies. I've also read it can be due to that (I think iron...


Do you ask your children to do chores around the house?

Asking your kids to help do little jobs around the house can help them to learn important lifeski...

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Your toddler's physical development

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Hi Just wondering if any one else has come across this now that there toddler has most/all of the...

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My boy has missing teeth at the upper from left and right of his front teeth. I went to the dentist in anzac avenue dental and the ...

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What your child is trying to say when they are upset

Tantrums - there is no escape no matter how well prepared you think you are for them. You’re alre...

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How to calculate how tall your child will become as an adult

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wondering what size shoes your 2 and half year old boy wears

Hi all, Just a bit interested to find out what shoe size your 2 and a half year old boy wears? M...

3 replies

Thank you for your replies. I know understand why i am buying new shoe sizes every few months! My son is 100cm tall and in soze 10...