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Losing the Dummy Rss

Hi ladies,
I am after some advice.... I have been trying to wean my 2yo off of the dummy, without much success sad I am now pregnant with #2, and want to get rid of the dummy once and for all, before this little one arrives.

Any suggestions? Everything I am doing ends up in tears, and I feel absolutely awful... gotta love a mother's guilt.

Your advice is greatly appreciated!


Sorry wean wasn't the correct term... I want it GONE for good smile

I have been trying the bedtime only approach, but this is met with tears and tantrums, so I don't know how getting rid of them entirely will go, but I am willing to give anything a try! Thanks for your advice smile

We visit the dentist regularly so when our wonderful dentist told my 2 year old that it was time to say goodbye to the dummy, I just went with that and got rid of them ALL the same day and bought her a toy as a reward. No tears at all.

We got dd1 to throw hers away. We told her she was a big girl now and didn't need it anymore and got her to throw it in the bin.
She was a little upset at bed time but not too bad, they say it only takes 3 days, to learn to settle without it.

I have memories of throwing my dummy in the bin as a toddlers, apparent,y I didn't cry.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

Snip a little cut into them/cut the tip off of the dummy, and give it back to your little one, without them seeing you do it!. When they put it in their mouths (watch them as they do it) the taste of the dummy will be "different" or disgusting" and their face will show it! Use this opportunity to convince your little one that there must be something wrong with it and if it keeps tasting yucky, they may have to put it in the bin, if they decide themselves to throw it out, then thats a bonus!!
Hi there, my daughter is 19months and we have #2 on the way so i felt the same, we literally took it off her when she went to bed the first night let her cry for an hour and a half and she feel asleep for the whole night without waking and honestly never asked for it again after that smile be strong!
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