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How many days does your child go to preschool? Rss

Hi everyone,'

Just a general question how many days does your 3 year old go to preschool?
My DD 3.5yr old goes 2 days tues/wed and I was thinking of doing a third day but not sure if that's going to be too much for her as I would probably have to do it 3 days in a row?
Does anyone have any advice, I am really struggling wether to put her in another day or just leave it at 2 days for now and wait till the end of the year to put her in another day, I guess the pressure is on a bit as places at the kindy are filling up quickly and also her good friend at her preschool is now doing another day but she is slightly older that being 4.

Hope to hear from somebody

my 3 year old does 4 days monday 9-12 wed, thurs, fri 8.45 - 3.15

I work at the pre school wed thurs and friday.... she is on the bigger side now i work with the babies,

my baby goes wed thurs and friday 9-3 but he is breast fed and is on the same side as me...

personally we try and get parents to have their kids in at least 3 days a week because its a long time between visits if they are only there 2 days and if they get sick and miss a day or two its a long time till the next visit
my boys both did well with two days at 3 and then an extra day the year before they started school.
My 4yr old goes 5 mornings a week 8.15-12.15. She started with just 2 days but asked everyday to go and got upset when it wasnt a kindy day. So i increased to a full week. I was a bit apprehensive about so many days but she loves it and most the kids at her kindy go at least 3 days if not 5. Depends on the child I guess, if you are both happy with just the 2 days then leave it until a bit older.
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