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3 year old kinder Rss

My son started 3 year old kinder last month and just went to his 3rd session (only 3 hours a week)When we went to pick him up I was told my son was just so "overexcited" all day. She said he wasnt being naughty but just got so excited he would push kids or throw sand...etc. She said she had to do one on one for a lot of the morning because he wouldnt settle. She now wants me to stay next week so she we can work out a "strategy" She asks me how I handle this behavior at home I told her he doesnt do that at home, he may push his sister on the odd occasion, but thats because she wants what he is playing with.

My son has never been to daycare or any playgroups before so I am presuming he is just overwhelmed because he loves playing with the kids so much and I am hoping he will settle down the more he goes. As we were walking out the door she told me dont get upset because he wasnt at all naughty just overexcited. SHOULD I BE WORRIED?? unsure

No don't worry. At only three hours a week it will take him a little while to settle in and know the rules.
Thanks a lot...thats what I am thinking too...but as a parent you still worry that you must be doing something wrong

no i would not worry. maybe she wants you there so he can be more calmer.
maybe take him to playgroup so he can adjust to being around more kids.
i would not worry.

My dd has just started 3yr old kinder too, and we've had the exact same issue, first week she was climbing up onto tables and chairs (not something she ever does at home), running around alot etc. Generallly not listening... So i had a chat with her, and explained she needed to listen to her teacher etc. And during the week kept on repeating it, and was more strict on her listening to me and following my instructions. It seems to have worked.
The kinder teacher said she is settled more, the only time being silly is at transition times, which she said she will try to give more warnings of what is happening, which again, i will try to do at home too.
And here I was worried she'd be upset at being left for the first time ever, instead i have one of 'those' children! blink
It just takes them a little while to get used to the routine, as well as ALL those exciting activities and kids to play with! I am sure by the end of the term it will be all good, so don't stress, he'll soon learn his boundries etc. Good luck!
Thanks so much sure have made me feel a bit better. I think deep down you just have high expectations...maybe too high. After all he is just 3...right smile

Both DD1 and DS were the same when they first started kindy but as one of the teachers assured me this is normal and they expect kids to be like this until they settle in and get used to the way things work.

Thanks...maybe my sons teacher just expects too much of him. I know the 1st 2 weeks he didnt want to go home at the end, but this time he couldnt wait to get out of there sad

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