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motherinlaw issues Rss

i know we all have in-law issues (well, most of us!) and i was wondering if anyone could help. this is the situation.
im studying distance education uni.
18m.o daughter has been going to in-laws of a tuesday between sleeps for about 10 months so i could have a big study day
now she screams every time i leave her there.
and shes started screaming when we go there as a family too.
she just hates them and tries to hit and bite them etc, which she doesnt do to anyone else.
its not separation anxiety coz she doesnt mind being left with other people.
so how do i tell my motherinlaw that she cant look after her anymore because she doesnt like them?
its harsh but i do not want to force my child into doing something that she doesnt want to do.
please help.
MMM that is a tough one! Maybe you can say you are putting her into daycare instead so she can play with other kids her own age... OR your schedule has changed so you no longer need to leave her with them on Tuesdays.

I wouldnt want to be leaving her with them either if this is what happens, maybe she is genuinely frightened of them - have they or would they smack her or something?
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