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I am having a lot of problems with my youngest child, two and a half year old boy and I need help, I never had any of these problems with my other child and right now I just feel like I am failing him as a mother.

Going out is nothing but embrassing to say the least, everyday I dread the school run. If I hold his hand he screams and tries to drop to the ground, if I let go of his hand he runs off. He eats only chips, biscuits, sandwiches (vegemite) and breakfeast cereal, I can't even get him to try anthing else. To clean his teeth you have to hold him down, call him and he runs the other way, he screams and cries when ever he doesn't get his own way. Throws toys around, throws his sipper cups on the floor, tips food on the floor and lounge it is just one mess after the next, one trantum after the next. He never sleeps through, either I have to sit up with him till he falls back to sleep of a night or he screams until he wakes the house and climbs into bed with me. Dressing him is an agrument everyday. I have to chase him at school morning and afternoon when dropping off my other child as I need to walk them into their classroom.
I really love him and want the best for him but I just have no idea of what to try next, he doesn't listen to a thing I say, he won't eat, sleeping is a nightmare I am mentally exhausted. Where can I go to get help? What have other mothers done to overcome these problems and this is just the tip of the iceberg?
Big hugs!!! You're not alone, Blake can be a right pain in the behind some days! Do you have a sleep school you can go to? It sounds like he is very very tired and therefore can't deal with what is going on around him (we have just been to daystay and this was what they said to us about Blake's behaviour). Maybe once he is getting a better night's sleep he will improve and they can also give you advice on how to handle the tantrums etc. The wait can be a couple of months but maybe if you cry and say you're not coping anymore they will get you in earlier.

I hear you.... my DS is 18mths, and is exactly the same, so you are not alone. He through trantums at the smallest thing and is even banging his head either againest the tiles floor or the walls. It is driving me nuts and i think the same, that I am failing as a mum.

We dont have a sleep school in Townsville, the only centre we have only offers day stays for under 12mths, which I thin sucks.

If you have any luck with anything please let me know and I will do the same.

Good luck.

Im hearing ya!!!! I have a a daughter the same age and i have resorted to not taking her out anywhere just so i dont have to deal with a tantrum as i aslo have a 2 month as well. I have now put her in occasional care for a morning a week just so i can get out and get things done. Im hoping it will pass when shes 3 but we just have to ride it out until then i think. Its so hard though!

My girls are my world!!!!

this sounded like my son (2) a few months ago
with bed time i now read him a couple of bed time books the books are not allowed to leave his room there put up so he can see them but cant taouch them and since hes a huge thomas the tank engine fan i got books about thomas so that sorted the bed time thing
jordan never had a problem brush teeth coz i let him pick a new tooth brush and he thinks that pretty cool
he use to eat heaps of crap but i started to let have a little bit then if he was still hungry he had to have a apple etc if he didnt want it then he can wait till the net meal time before he ate and normally by then he was hungry and would eat his vegies now he knows if he doesnt eat what is offered hes got a while before the next chance to eat
i let jordan pick what he wants to wear for the day the dont always match but with winter il just throw a jersey to make it match a little better and he thinks that cool
when walkin to school make a little picture list of things he needs to find like a red car or a street sign things that he wouldnt normally know and things he does know that will also teach him a few new things
does he still have a day sleep i had to take jordans away or else hed never go to sleep
if he throws his toys take them off him move them so he cant get them jordan did that so i said if you keep throwing them away i lhave to give them to someone that will love them and look after them and everytime he would throw one i would put it away and he started to realise he wasnt gettin them back id wait a few weeks then put it in the bottom of his toy box so he would forget that was the one i took off him so that stopped the toy throwin
hope this helps
I know alot of moms will disagree with me and think very little of this, however, bribery worked beautifully for me and our son. Getting our son into a car seat was a mission in itself. I won't even begin to tell you what it was like in public. I have no problem offering my son chocolate or whatever it is I KNOW he will not turn down to get him in his car seat. Offering to take his favorite toy use to work, but chocolate worked when everything else failed. I will promise him a toy if he's good while I'm shopping....for example after shopping I will get him a ball out of the ball machine at the supermarket. But I explain to him before hand that if he acts like a big boy I will get him xxxx. He now will shop with no problem and I don't have to buy him something everytime. I do let him get things off the shelf for me cause he now likes to "help mommy". So I will say, could you please help mommy out and get me that blue box off the shelf. It takes some patience, but it did eventually work for me. As far as holding his hand....there was NO WAY my son was having that....he thinks cause he's a big boy (2 1/2) that he can walk on his own....this started when he was 1 1/2. I figured out with my son that it was his independence and "big" boy image being ruined. So I compromised, I tell him to hold my pocket so I don't get lost. It works like a charm. At first I said do you want to hold mommy's hand or ride in the trolley.....then when he proved he could behave in a trolley I asked him if he wanted to hold my hand or hold my pocket. Giving him the choice made it alot easier. We go for walks all the time now. I often get strange looks from people who are probably wondering why he's holding my pocket and not hand, but I don't care cause that's what works for me. It keeps peace. Good luck.
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