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HELP!!! No.2 on the way soon. Lock Rss

I wasnt sure to post this but i have a question.
I am due for our 2nd child at the start of July and was wondering what other parents did when they brought a new baby in the world for there 1st child. How do i make it easier for him to adjust? I am worried i will do something wrong and upset him. I dont want him to think we love him any less, he is 2 and a half.

4 weeks ago i had my 2nd and my first turned 2 just two days after she was born.
There are a few things which i found helped the whole process. Whilst still pregnant everyday just reminding him thgat soon he would be a BB and that we were going to have a baby.
Once she was born and my son came to the hospital for the first time i made sure i wasnt holding the new born so he could have all my attention, when he was ready he looked at his sister and after about 5 minutes he wanted to hold her so we had group hugs.
the main thing is to give your son the title of being a big brother who gets to teach the new baby everything, and let him help whenever he wants to with getting nappies, bath times, reading stories etc.
I have found that during the day my son tends to do his own thing and isnt to concerened with the baby unless she is crying or he wants a cuddle.
Another thing to remember once you are home and well, make sure to spend one on one time with your son everyday whilst baby is sleeping just so he knows he is important and the baby isnt getting all of your attention.
Try and keep any special routines or activites that he likes during the pregnancy and once your baby has been born.
hope this helps
When I was pregnant I involved my 1st with getting things ready and made her feel involved with setting things up etc (she was 5 at the time).

When my 2nd arrived I too involved my 1st and still do. She likes to help by getting nappies, getting wipes, helps with bathing and feeding and whatever else she can, but I also make time to have one on one with her when my 2nd is asleep.

We are now trying for one more and will be doing the same. This time the gap is alot less but as long as they feel loved and involved they are usually fine.

muumaof2 you just made me cry... That was so sweet. I have a 2 year old boy and just found out we are pregnant again (hence the crying bit), and I worry too that he will feel left out. I have been trying to prep him by showing him pictures from the pregnancy books, where you can see inside the tummy. He thinks this is great. I will try and invole him, to give him the roll of being big brother. Good luck with it all.

I did the same - my DS (he would be 2 and 1 month when DD was born) was well aware there was a baby in my tummy and I let him feel the baby move and he would love to hug my tummy and kiss and talk to it.
We made a big deal about having a wee sister and that he would be a big brother who could help her and teach her things. He is really good at this still.
In hospital, we bought him a little tractor and a book that was a gift from his sister. He loved it. I also, made sure that I was not holding the baby when he first arrived and I made a big fuss over him.
I still think he was a little bewildered at first though. DD was VERY loud (and still is) and he was used to a fairly quiet environment - especially at night.
The hardest times were when I was feeding DD and DS wanted something NOW. I learnt to either put on a DVD that he liked, or set him up with some food or play things before I got settled to feed the baby.
It can be an anxious time, but lots of love and some one on one time work wonders.

Janet, mummy to Duncan (5) and Isla (3)

The first few weeks are the hardest. But if there is any jealousy, i don't think it will last long.
When ds came to the hospital when i had dd, i wasn't holding her. And he wouldn't come near me anyway. Which was really hard to deal with, but it was only untill i got home.
I let ds hold dd when ever he wanted too. As in ds sitting on the couch with me next to him supporting her neck.
And when i BF he would get really upset, so for the first week, i would put a dvd on, and pull out a special box, of toys and books. And when i would bf he would sit next to me and play and read. Which really helped for me.


Mummaof2 you are full of great tips. We are expecting bubs 2 in August, and dd turns 2 in September, and we (I) have been wodering how to tackle this potential problem. We will be keeping your ideas in mind when the big day comes.

Thank you smile

Hi there
All will be fine, my 1st was 4 when we had our 2nd and we were so worried about how he would react.At the start of the pregancy he was not coping well he even told the childcare that his mummy and daddy di'dn't love him(so untrue).Childcare were really good they would take him into the room where all the babies are and let him help, he felt really important. At home we tried not to talk about it to much and once my tummy grew we then spoke about it often, we used to get him to say 'goodnight', he thought my belly button was the way to talk to him.When we had #2 we brought him in to see me &bubs and there was a small pressie in #2's crib, just for him from his new baby brother, he to had a pressie for his little brother, one he picked out all by himself.Now 7 weeks on and he is the best big brother, very helpful and patient.
Good luck

Thanks everyone for all your helpful tips. I am not so worried now:)

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