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Wiffy breath Rss

Hi there, I have a two and half year old with terrible breath with is obviously worse when he wakes up but tends to remain with him all day, I brush his teeth after very meal with tooth paste which he loves so I know its not his teeth that give him the problem, and it sort of started after he got his first few colds, when I went to the Doctor for his colds he said that he hadn't had any chest infections. Does anyone have any ideas on how to right this problem or improve it some what?
Hi, My kids get smelly breath if they have tonsilitis or a throat infection the other thing could be he could have an infection in his gums so maybe get a dental checkup. I was always under the impression if they are cleaning their teeth properly and have smelly breath that its a sign of an infection somewhere. The only other thing i can think of is it maybe the foods he eats - maybe garlic or something regular could be affecting his breath.


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Thanks for that,
We are going to the Dentist in November so He can have a look then lucky for me I used to work for him so I get mates rates, it looks to me like I must be missing something cos his gums are healthy and pink which is a sure sign that they are healthy
so it must be his throat, looks like I'm going to have to go back to the Doctor again.
bad breath can be a sign of diabetes in a child, but only if they have other symptoms like drinking HEAPS of water and being really skinny.
So if that is a pic of him in your signature he doesn't look skinny!! Hee hee, just a cutie pie

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My three year old gets bad breath too. His teeth are ok, he went to the dentist a short while back.
Maybe I'll get him checked out too. Might google it.

He could also have a foreign object (like a pea or a sultana) up his nose that is causing the smell.
A really common reason for bad breath in kids!


Yep I agree with the tonsilits/ infection or the foreign object up the nose. My sister had that when she was younger and we found out she had stuck a bead up her nose!! Plus I severe tonsilitis when I was younger and had bad breath as well.
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