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Celiacs diagnosis in babies/toddlers Rss


I have done a search and I know there has been a few discussions on this before. However.... We have been to the doctors this week and she thinks my DS (13 months) may have celiacs. He has always had a problem with his digestion since he was born. He screamed for 8 weeks straight and they originally tried thought he had reflux after trying numerous medicines I cut gluten out of my diet (he was exclusivly breastfed) and overnight he was a different baby.

Doctor at this stage did not take me seriously and said that he had probably just grown out of the reflux (overnight). When he started solids we reintroduced gluten. He seemed to take it ok no longer screamed an arched his back like he did as a baby. However he did bloat significantly during the day to the point that clothes that went on baggy in the morning were skin tight by the end of the afternoon. He has also started having diarrhea (for over 3 weeks) sometimes food would go through him son fast that they would come out just as they went in.

On Tuesday we went to the doctors and she wants us to cut all gluten out. Since then I have and he has gone from doing up to 6 or 7 huge poo explosions a day to one or two reasonably solid poos. They are still an odd color..

What I would really like to know is what your child synotoms were? How were they diagnosed? Did they have the blood test or biopsy? Our doctor wants us to monitor via diet to start with (for 3 weeks) to confirm it is a gluten issue. Then will refer us to the paediatrian.

So far it has been 3 days and I think it is working. His stomach no longer bloats as much and like I said his pops have changed.

Sometimes I just wish he could talk and tell me how his stomach feels as he has always been an unsettled child and I have no idea if that I related to his tummy.

For my DD1 it was the constant explosive diahorrea. She would also cry most of the day for no reason and constantly hold her tummy when crying.

She had the blood test before we altered her diet (as i was told it was inaccurate if she wasnt having gluten at the time) but we made the decision not to have the biopsy. Changing her diet made an unbelievable change in her that i couldnt put her back on gluten for 3 months to be able to have the biopsy.

The blood test came back positive for possible celiacs but its not 100%.
She is now 4 and i notice that she wont pick things that make her feel crappy. She will naturally avoid bread at someones house as i think she in someway knows that it makes her feel crappy.

I hope you find some answers for your little one.
Hi, i have the same issue, i had to go for exploratory surgery for my diagnosis, i beleive my DS (21mts) has the same problem, however dr is refusing to get him tested, i ahve noticed after he eats certain things he gets red in the face and suffers from bad bowel movements, my diatician beleives he is suffering like i am as sometimes after a meal expecially weet bix he will sleep for hours, they recomend a blood test and or a biopsy of the intestines to diagnose the symptom, i buy gluten free products for myself and my children and since they have been eating the gluten free stuff they have become happy and not in so much pain.
I recomend going to the dr and asking for a blood test if you havent already had one, try cutting out small amounts of gluten from his diet and see how he reacts when you give him something that isnt gluten free. Unfortunatley it is difficult to diagnose and keep on top of, and with any allergy it is a trial of elimination.
Good luck and feel free to comtact me anytime for some info or anything else.
Best wishes
steph smile
i have just gone well still going through all this with my boys (9mths to 7 yrs,1st up i was told the blood test will come back inconclusive under 2 years even possibly up to age 5 because their systems are still developing, but i just saw a nutritionist today and she has put him on a blood type diet, so we will be starting all that this weekend, i brought the book and if you happen to know your bubs blood types can email you over the info and you can talk to your dr about it an see if perhaps that is something to think about, i was also told that dairy and gluten usually go hand in hand so another thing to add to your long list of things to think about look into and research lol.
anyways will def keep following this thread to see what else we can do just incase this one falls through like the others... i just hate seeing esp ds3 in pain sad
Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to respond. Yes it is hard seeing them in pain and not happy. As a mum want to make them better. Well on the positive note, we have now been on the gluten fee diet for 6 days. The first fee days he was really grumpy and upset and his poos (whilst more firm) where a very funny colour. However the past two days he has been very settled and he has only done 1 normal poo each day. So things seem to be getting better already. He is still bloating and I am wondering after reading your posts if this could possibly be a lactose/dairy thing. I will continue with diet for another week and then head back to the doctor. I would like to get it confirmed so we know for sure but I don't want to put him back on gluten if it is hurting him. I will keep you all updated on how we get on. Thanks again smile
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