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Diarrhoea for 5 days straight Rss

My little boy 21mths old has had Diarrhoea for 5 days. He is eating, drinking, sleeping and acting as normal as he would any other time but his nappies are what i would call a "poonami".

Our household has just gotten over Gastro a fortnight ago and was wondering if it may be a lingering bug associated with that?


Teething...his 2yo molars??


Just a bacterial infection???

Im not too stressed at the moment seeings though his temperament and everything else seems to be fine

Would be interested to know if anyone elses toddler has had the same thing?

My 9 month old just went through this. She'd gotten over gastro about 3 days prior and then it started! Thank god it was only3-5 times a day.
13Health said to go to the docs. Docs said not much you can do, but keep them hydrated. They said to come back if it went longer than 10 days and they would take a sample and do tests.
DD2 was better the day we went to the docs- why does that always happen??
All up it lasted about 7 days.
My adviced would be- see a doc if you're worried. It won't hurt.
Keep his fluids up as little ones get dehydrated sooooo quickly.
Hope he's better soon.


My daughter had the same thing I took her to the chemist and the pharmasist told me to give her hydralite to keep her hydrated and that it would help with the Diarrhoea. I worked a treat and now that all we use for the kids and us. It's great you can buy it made up or in satchels that you just add water or in summer you can get ice blocks. I have a friend who is a nurse at the local kids hopsital and she told me that they reccomend the same and do 5 mls every 5 minutes as it is absorbed better.

Hope this helps and that your lettle one is feeling better soon.


my child had runny (but not full liquid) poos around 5x a day for nearly a month with no other symptoms at all and it was rotavirus

go and get it tested if you are worried
thanks girls....really appreciate your feedback....
out of no where ive got it so i think it is a bug!! fingers crossed it doesnt hang around too long smile
My DS had this a few months ago and it lasted a few weeks. The best advice I was given was stick to the BRAT diet until it gets better. That is bananas, rice, apple sauce and dry toast. Avoid dairy if possible. Hope this helps.
My DD has had 2 bad cases of gastro. One was a bug, and the other ended up being Salmonella! In the case of just gastro, the 'bug' only lasted 3ish days, but she had the diorreah for 11 days - doctor said this was just because the younger they are, the thinner the lining of their tummy is, and the longer it takes to go back to normal. As with PP, if it goes longer than 10 days, or is more than 3/4 nappies a day, seek professional help just to check its nothing more serious.

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