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head lice help please Rss

If he doesnt have any signs of headlice yet(as not all kids will get them) i would just spray tea tree oil in his hat, and also use a bit of moose or hairspray for a week (until all the kids that do have it are fixed up a headlice hate dirty hair and the hairspray makes it impossible for them to latch on) There is no point treating something that is not there. If you find that he does have it i would just load his hair up with a cheap conditioner or baby oil and then use a nit comb to comb through it, it stuns the live lice and makes the eggs slipery so the will just comb everyday. You will need to do this every day for at least a week (or longer if there are still eggs) You can buy commercial products, but i have tried these and havent had much luck with any of them. They also say that you no longer need to wash there sheets as the lice cant live longer than two hours without a food supply, but i did this anyway - its not going to hurt anything.

Good luck with them, they are horrible pesky things.
oh thats just sucks... i have a step son that constantly has nits and my DS got them off him when he was 6 months old, was i fuming or what.. tea tree oil is the best, and works the best. i now even wash my own hair once a week in tea tre oil as a preventative.
check the kids hair and only treat if you see something!

for toddlers and preschoolers try and avoid the chemical treatments where possible, pull the eggs out with your fingernails (takes ages but the comb usually misses alot of eggs) then use the comb to get the live lice out, one lice can lay heaps of eggs in one day so just because you find heaps of eggs doesnt mean there are heaps of lice, eggs take around 2-3 days to hatch so check hair every day for at least a week.

and lice can live up to 2 days off the hair and they dont jump, they crawl between heads and feed off your blood in your scalp, thats what makes you itchy, they usually lay their eggs 1cm from the scalp on your hair and I think brown eggs are live and white ones have hatched (might be the other way round, cant remember)
oh i feel sorry for you dear. i can still remember the first time i got a letter from my kids teacher. she said that my kids have head lice and i really didnt know. that why i asked my husband to look for a product in the internet. and then he solved our problem

the link button doesnt work

here is the link to their site.
hope i helped you moms like me smile
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