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My 2.5 year old DS recently has been very sick, from roseola to a cold then to tonsilitis. My problem has been giving him antibiotics or panadol for his tonsilitis. He goes hysterical when trying to give him medication and we have tried giving it to him through a syringe, a spoon and a cup. My SIL suggested suppositories and bought me a bottle of panadol children's suppositories, has anyone used them or does anyone have any ideas of how to get the medicine down him. I have tried pretend play with his teddies and his medical kit as well!

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

We went through a period like this with dd - she had pneumonia and was on all sorts of medicines.
I tried the suppositories, and I felt terrible doing that to her. It felt like I was doing something really bad, and she screamed as well. I only did it twice and then decided that I would prefer her to cry over oral medicine!
Have you tried the orange flavoured nurofin? DD now takes medicine really well as I use the nurofin and also the strawberry flavoured panadol. I also find that if I just give her a tiny bit at a time without holding her at all she will eventually decide that she wants it herself.
Your ds is 2 and a half - is it possible for him to do it himself? I also used to mix it with a drink and she wouldn't even know, but the older they get the more they cotton onto these things.
Good luck!

We went through this with our dd who's the same age as your ds. It was a nightmare trying to get medicine into her, even though you knew it was going to make her feel better. To start with, we were mixing it in with either juice or water and giving it to her to drink, which she did with no probs to start with, then she worked out what it was and that stopped then and there. She got really sick with a chest infection and they gave her amoxil (that was my favourite when I was little). I used the nurofen syringe and just put a taste on her lips, when she realized it didn't taste that bad, she was more than happy to cooperate and has done so ever since. We choose nurofen over panadol as it works quicker and better and DD doesn't mind it. I find panadol has a really strong taste.

I always keep a bribe of and ice cream ice block or chockie and they eventually will have :)sometimes having a cup of juice or lemonade or something they dont usually have to sip in between or add to helps smile it worked with all 3 kids smile If not i prefer the screaming getting it oral and not the other way!

B~3/3/97 B~4/8/99 G~19/2/06

Thanks for all of those suggestions, I will try them next time. Thankfully he is better now but something to keep in mind, hopefully he wont get that sick again for a while!

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

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