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Best Book EVER Lock Rss

Nicholas Sparks

The Notebook - far better than the movie, but they usually are...

and most of his are a pretty good read.

Chloe 6/09/06 and Riley 14/02/08

''Im currently reading 'Sophie's Journey' - about Sophie Delezio and everything she's been through in her short life.''
I read this it's good but sad.


My Favourite Hannah's Gift- Maria Housden, she has an autobiography too

Torey Hayden- any of her's are great reads

Roald Dahl- charlie and the chocolate factory etc love them all

The series of unfortunate events

Any by Naomi Wolfe

Sheila Kitzinger

Having faith- Sandra Steingraber

Baby- Desmond Morris

The boy who was raised as a dog and other stories from a psychatrists notebook- Bruce Perry

Posted by: jaynie_81
Posted by: my3bubs
One word... Twilight i love all 4 books in the series

And I also really like Jessica and Four fires by Bryce Courtneay

Wow! Twilight series and Jessica are my all time fav books too!!! (And pretty much all of Bryce Courtenay's books are great)

I like Twilight too, nope love it lol! But Jessica pissed me off so much that I wanted to throw it through the window.
Mine aren't very intellectual, I have a dark side that I need to satiate So I love Anne Rice and I bloody LOVE Harry Potter!!! Actually, I did love Anne Rice, until she found religion, pffffft! But I'll always love Harry and........*cough cough* Edward..........

my sister loves Anne Rice books too smile not really my cuppa tea though.
although i did enjoy twilight!

thanks for all the great suggestions.

i have purchased many of them second hand off ebay and now have a pile about 10 high of books to get through!
Hey Ladies

I'm really into True Crimes and yesterday bought The Ice Man, which Kylies14 recommended on this thread last month. I'm already a third done!! Its so worth the read!!

ooh i definately want to read the iceman book!

I am reading I can jump puddles at the moment (recommended here)
im about half way through and although i can see the strength in the story, especially being true, i havent felt compelled to keep reading it.
I have lots more that i am dying to start though so am trying to finish it lol
I would recommend The Tea Rose and The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly. The White Gardenia, Wild Lavender and Silver Wattle by Belinda Alexandra. None but the Brave by Joy Chambers. Anastasia: A novel by Colin Falconer.These books have lots of action/romance/tragedy/murder etc..I found them to be real page turners.. I also loved Eat Pray Love (true story)by Elizabeth Gilbert, The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova and The Rose Labyrinth by Tatiana Hardie.


thanks very much for your suggestions! i will be sure to add them to my list of ones to look for!

i have just started reading The Deep End of The Ocean by Marian Pritchard (i think thats her name) and im only up to chapter 4 and its already pulling at my heartstrings
bump for mybabes

i just wanted to say a huge thanks to those that recommended The Bronze Horseman.

It was FANTASTIC. i loved it!!!!
bumping for zachandlilysmummy

I love anything by F. Scott Fitzgerald, but my fave is Tender is the Night.
I have been reading the "Babylon" books by Imogen Edwards-Jones - Pop Babylon is fab as is Fashion Babylon... but i'm a huge music and fashion fan! She has another book called the Stork Club which is her personal story of her attempts to fall pregnant... searching for that one atm.

Neets x

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