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Best Book EVER Lock Rss

Posted by: My_lil_ones

My other favourite is Marley and Me. I didn't see it when it came out at the movies, but both my mum and sister said the book was better. I laughed and cryed the whole way through this book. I know you have dogs Emma, so you will probably relate to a fair bit of the content of the book.

i cried and laughed all the through marley and me too, and i saw the movie and the book is so much better..
On The Road - Jack Kerouac
i started crying monday

i cant remember who wrote it buts its really good

its about a school girl living with an abusive father, after he turned alcoholic as an effect of the drought

it is only a short story

I always go for the real life story's. Sad ones. My fav that i have read was about ladies in the magdalin Laundries. Lived such a horrible life. Most who are still alive are in Mental wards but the lady who wrote the book managed to escape and get help. Its fantastic!!!

Others i have are about abused children and what not. Pretty morbid but i cant ever put them down! So sad and yet they have beaten it.
Another book i have read on many occasions is the book on Jayden Leskies Murder. So sad!

Yep ok i am morbid!!

Hi - a favourite of mine is The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. It is about a family of missionairies who go to the Congo to live. The father is a real wackjob but it is so well written you feel like you are right there with them!
For a book you CANNOT put down, pick up one of the Jackie Collins Books. Read these ones first:

Lady Boss

and then move onto the rest. They are filled with love, deceit, betrayal, murder, success etc. I could never put the bloody things down.

Also, Virginia Andrews Flowers In the Attic and Heaven series. They each had me crying and angry, shocked, happy and sad..

Sidney Sheldon is also a magnificent author, with Master of the Game being my all time favourite. Takes a little to get into, but when you do, you will NOT be able to put it down.

A Fortunate Life is also a very good read, but very sad.

James Patterson has some good books but they can be a little disjointed.

The Juror and The Firm are also gripping reads.

Crikeys, there's a few suggestions for you. But start from the top! Guranteed good reads...
last night i finished 'Lady Killer' - about the maggot Bruce Burrell who kidnapped Kerry Whelan and Dorothy Davis.

Rot in hell, piece of S H I T E

the 'Twilight' series.

I love Gone with the wind yes it is quite long but I've read it at least 10 times.

Also love:
My sisters keeper
Nineteen minutes
The Firm
The last juror
Marian Keyes books

Also the lovely bones and a time to kill but these have refs to rape so may not be everyones cup of tea

I am addicted to everything V.C.Andrews - Flowers in the attic, The heaven/casteel series. I have every virginia andrews book. I read them over and over. I love them. The heaven series was prob my favourite, I think I liked it even more than all of the flowers in the attic series.
These is my words - Nancy Turner - it is literally the best book i have ever read, and i read it may be 3 times a year. No longer in print but always on ebay or

The Wheel of Time Series - Robert Jordan - best series of fantasy fiction ever to be published.
Posted by: Iziani
Oooo- I forgot another excellent one. Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt. Its a true story of a boy's poor upbringing in Ireland. It is amazing. There is a sequel called 'Tis.

one of my favourite movies and when i first started to like the name Malakai.
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