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Best Book EVER Lock Rss

ohhh I have been on the lookout for the Marsden 7 set but no luck sad I have not read the 7th book yet!
Oooo- I forgot another excellent one. Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt. Its a true story of a boy's poor upbringing in Ireland. It is amazing. There is a sequel called 'Tis.
ohh but it gets so much better from #5 onwards!!! i *heart* HP

have you also read the Ellie Chronicles? I've got them however it really isn't as good as the original series, then again spin offs generally aren't
Thanks for that PDO3.
It was a while ago i read it!
I went through a real Aussie reading time...

Jam Tins and Puddles, i couldn't put them them in like a day!
Whereas A Fortunate Life...don't think i ever finished it!

I am reading The Ice Man
at the moment...
about USAs worst mob killer...
Could get up there with a favourite!
The Deep End of the Ocean

My Sisters Keeper

Both are extremely thought provoking.
i LOVE paulina simmons TULLY and BRONZE HORSEMAN trilogy

ive read them several time each and now can not read any other books because they just dont compare lol.

tully is just about a girl (quite troubled) growing up and the bronze horseman (probably my fav) is about love in WW2
Girls Like You.... by Paul Sheehan. It is a true story about the rape of Teagan Lane and another young girl. It was around the time that the Skaff brothers were involved in the gang rapes in Bankstown in Sydney. It is a VERY VERY VERY GOOD read. It was very much an eye opener and is actually quite graphic at times, I wouldn't allow my sister who was 18 at the time to read it. My 24 year old sister at the time put the book down as she found it to be a little graphic for her.

My other favourite is Marley and Me. I didn't see it when it came out at the movies, but both my mum and sister said the book was better. I laughed and cryed the whole way through this book. I know you have dogs Emma, so you will probably relate to a fair bit of the content of the book.

Is OVER rude people

Hi! If you like scary crime/thrillers "Birdman" and "The Treatment" by Mo Hayder are great. Very scary!! I couldn't put them down!!
[Edited on 21/03/2009]

I was also going to say 'My Sister's Keeper' and I liked The 'Memory Keeper's Daughter' by Kim Edwards too (The movie doesn't do it justice).
If you are after a laugh I love all books by Jen Lancaster, her first is titled 'Bitter is the New Black', then there's 'Bright Lights, Big Ass' and 'Such a Pretty Fat' - All great.
Posted by: prouddadof3
Posted by: Malachi*s mum Jayne
Deep end of the ocean

Marianne Faithful's Bio

is this still in print
that would be a really interesting read i love her music

Its a brilliant book. She is SOOOO honest as you would expect from her. And it is fascinating getting into the head of a heroin addict. I bought my copy from Angus & Robertson years ago but I'm sure you can still get it. I've searched for my copy but I think I lent it to a non returner Grrrr. I highly recommend it.
I have been reading those books, that Readers Digest sends out, the Select Editions. There have been two really good stories in them so far (am still on first book lol)

The ones I have read and have really liked are
The Ghost, by Robert Harris
Sacrifice, by S.J. Bolton
Both were really good reads, couldn't put the book down!

Some other fav's are
Jessica, Bryce Courtney
Tormorrow series, John Marsden
another book, which I enjoyed was, My sister Claire, can't remember the author tho.

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

anything by jodi picoult,

My sisters keeper
plain truth
Keeping faith
salem falls
the pact
picture perfect
nineteen minutes
the tenth circle
vanishing acts

and she has a new one coming out but i can't remember the name of it

also another book is
How to kill your husband by kathy lette

and there is pride and prejudice by jane austen

and chinese cinderella by Adeline yen mah

out of all of these books i always find it hard to put down the jodi picoult ones, even if i have other stuff to do..

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