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Best Book EVER Lock Rss

wow i like the sound of that one PD

and ive just browsed Oprahs book club list too so now i can read some reviews of the ones she's picked. she usually picks pretty good ones.
she picks ones that she is given enough money to promote and her adding it to the list doubles it sales so by sales it becomes good

Posted by: Malachi*s mum Jayne
Deep end of the ocean

Marianne Faithful's Bio

is this still in print
that would be a really interesting read i love her music

good point PD lol

do you know the author of that book nightmare with an angel?

i was going to be nasty and say if that is the extent of your reading your in trouble as it is in my first post but i couldn't be nasty to you

Stephen Gallagher spelling may not be right

LMAO hey cut me some slack its late and im tired hehe

thanks heaps for all the suggestions. i've been writing them down and will try to find some of them!
now its time to get to work on the 5 other books waiting for me to read them...LOL i cant help myself!
Reading Labels Off Jam Tins
By Bill Bunbury


I Can Jump Puddles
can't remember author


In Cold Blood
Truman Capote
have fun and i have a couple i want to chas eup to so thanks for the thread

two words - Harry Potter!!!!!

oh and the Tomorrow When the War Began series by John Marsden

i can jump puddles was allan marshall and that was a great read

i have the entire Tomorrow series smile
and have read up to the 4th harry potter and then lost interest! thanks!
ok now im really off to bed.
i've looked a few up on ebay and placed a few bids and the rest i'll hunt down over the coming weeks.

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