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U/s at 4 weeks Rss

Has anyone had an ultrasound this early? My friend gonig by her dates of her period is 6 and a half weeks pregnant but she had an u/s today and they said they couldnt see anything but the thickening of the uterus or something. They didnt check for a heartbeat cos the babys too small to see so shes quite worried. Any stories would be great!
So they think she is 4 weeks pregnant... if they cant see the baby can they still detect the heart beat??

i went in for my first ultrasound this pregnancy to check dates because i had no idea as hadn't had period since giving birth to my DD last year

when i went in there was no heart rate etc but they couldsee the sac because i was about 5 weeks pregnant so they suggested i come back a few weeks later

well i am now 35 weeks pregnant so tell your friend not to worry too much like someone else said you can't detect the heart rate until about 6 weeks

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hi Denae
When i fell pregnant with my little boy in may last year. I thought that i was about 8 weeks pregnant but wasn't to sure, so i went for an ultrasound and it showed that i was 6 weeks & 5 days, but they couldn't actually get a heart beat reading then either, so i had to go back 2 weeks later & they did find one then and i now have a beautuiful little boy that is 6 months old. So tell your friend don't panic to much coz it is normally what happens that early on....

Emma 19, Bailey Matthew 16/02/2006

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